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March 21, 2007



Sara, I LOVE that you talk with us instead of to us! (of course, I love the cycling insight, too) I'm sure that after you get the ball rolling some days you're astonished and amazed at where it ends up! I laughed out loud when I read the "Kloden.....blah, blah, blah" today. What a great site -- there is ALWAYS something to make me smile, no matter how the day is going :)

Cathy Mehl

Here's the real problem with Sanjaya (well, the second prob because the first is he can't sing very well): the judges put him into the competition in the first place and now the public has to deal with him. You can't tell me out of the gazillion contestants that tried out for the show the judges couldn't find someone better than him. Did they put him in as a joke or to be mean? I feel sorry for him (altho he seems oblivious in general) and if the young gals that vote for him keep him alive after tonight I really hate to think what performances are to come. He seems like a nice enough kid but the JUDGES should never have brought him into this competition.

I was on the fence about Blake until last night but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, "Well Sara loves him so I am going to keep an open mind." So last night I hopped off that fence and right into his camp--he was really sexy and great. My hubby has always loved Haley, but never more than last night! Those legs go all the way up! Very cute girl, Simon was a pervert toward her. I wish Lakisha had sung the other song she and Lulu spoke about (brain fart, can't remember) because that Bond song is fine for the movie but boring otherwise. And I agreed with Simon it was too old for her. Melinda is in a league of her own. She doesn't need to win AI--she will have a recording career for sure.

I think it's time for Sanjaya to go, then Phil. I hope Gina stays around while longer because she's so different from the other gals and she reminds me of Pat Benetar. Except she doesn't pronounce her words clearly enough and I think it has something to do with the stud through her tongue!

Really great show last night, the music was perfect for the group, proving to me that Diana Ross songs are good only for her not the general public. Although I didn't think she sang too well herself last week plus she looked drunk. Did anyone else think she was bad last week?

Wow, this was long...sorry! But I have three days off from writing race reports so I needed to write somewhere! Heads up, I am going to have an interview published real soon with Gianni Meersman. He's a 20 yr old DC rider who you will LOVE! He is just a doll and will be racing at Georgia, so my interview is to introduce him to the fans. Watch for him--he's a cutie pie! (Younger than my oldest son, lordy!)


Cathy, I was surprised to see so much from you; not that we don't love to hear from you! Three days off explains it!

OK GUYS! You did it, I give...uncle!! I will tape AI from now on, I hate being left out of the discussion!!


Cathy, Sara and Janann,... okay, EVerybody...(except Theresa, sorry Theresa!!)... as for who should go home on Idol, I say Stephanie. She's just too boring! (and there's the Lionel Ritchie in drag factor, which I can't get past) But she puts me to sleep. If Phil went home I'd be equally happy. Or Hayley, even if she was much better last night.

Sounds like I'm alone in liking Chris Richardson. Did nobody here just feel all calmed and happy by his Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying? It left me feeling all warm and tingly inside. But reactions to people and music are all so subjective. Whatever our hangups are, will come out in who we hate, I guess. I don't mind that Sanjaya is sort of androgynous, (hey, whatever floats his boat), but I like his spirit and the way he hangs in there. But then Phil does the same thing, but he looks like an alien with scary eyes. Maybe I have a hangup about aliens coming to get me. :) I think I don't like Hayley because she doesn't seem to have her own personality, just a bottled one someone assigned her. Just too sugary sweet for my taste. I keep remembering her singing "If My Heart Had Wings" and how I was cringeing that ANYONE would CHOOSE to sing such a syrupy, cheesy song! UGH!

It's funny to hear all the differences in our reactions. And there's NOTHING wrong with being older (hey, I oughta know) and finding a younger guy attractive, Sara. My daughter last night was saying the same thing about Sanjaya, that she felt like a perv that she thought he was so cute,and he's only two years younger than she is! Hey, I think he's cute and he's THIRTY FOUR years younger than I am. LOL

susie b

Hey Cathy, thanks so much for the info in your comments on yesterday's Post. I've long wondered about both things. And yes, I'll pay "my" guys big bucks so that EVERY rider in the world will be clamoring to Leather Up! :) Of course, I don't know if Floyd will agree with my "Hotness" criteria for who gets on the team. I can hear the conversation now...."but Floyd, sure that guy can climb a mountain as if he's part goat, but do you really think he's HOT enough to be on Team Gladiator?"! :)

And thanks so much for the heads-up on the new interview! I've been meaning to ask when we could see the next one on The Paceline. Your interview with Johan was superb as always!

And Theresa, I think you're talking of the U.S. Cycling Open on 4/7/07. Which a friend told me would be shown LIVE, starting at 2:00 (eastern) on NBC. I believe it is a race between Williamsburg & Richmond but I don't know the teams. John Eustice is now the Executive Director of the race. I like John a LOT because he was one of the VERY FEW guys appearing on TV during those Dark Days (after the news about Floyd's test broke) that did not say Floyd was a bum & in fact, he said those test results seemed questionable!

And I just read in the comments that we've "broken" Theresa & she will join the AI cult... 1st, Matt, now Theresa. If we 'corrupt' woofdawg, GregC & Paul, then surely this will be a sign of the apocalypse? LOL!


I do have to admit, Camille, that after your Lionel Richie comment last week about Stephanie, I had a hard time watching her this week LOL! For some reason Chris R didn't do it for me last night. I've sort of liked him in the past, but I just didn't "feel it" from his song last night. I agree about Haley, though her singing was much better last night than in the past. I sort of think that Gina pushes her "rock chic" image more than she needs to. Maybe its just what she's comfortable with, but she is starting to get on my nerves -- we GET it already -- you're THE ROCKER!

Its funny how your perceptions of age change as you get older, isn't it? When you're in high school its a HUGE deal to date someone a year or two older/younger. When you get into college you think 3-5 years difference isn't that big of a deal. After that, for me anyway, I didn't think a whole lot about the ages of friends and boyfriends anymore. Wouldn't be any fun if we couldn't appreciate the younger guys :)

Speaking of......can't wait for your article Cathy!

Susie I'm laughing out loud again at work and people are starting to wonder.... LOVE the thought of you sharing your "HOTNESS" scale with Floyd! Would they have to model the Gladiator kit before the decision is made? It would seem only right! LOL


Susie and Janann, Hotness is of PRIMARY IMPORTANCE to being selected for Team Gladiator. Floyd will just have to DEAL!

susie b

Sara, I just LOVED your post today! Now, I love your cycling posts too (!) but you were "cookin' on all 4 burners today" as the saying goes! :) And yes, I also LOVE reading Matt's very informative critique! I know his wife must sit on the sofa with him & go "who ARRRRE you?!!!" Shhhh, he's a POD person. Or else he has broken fingers as I think he said he would rather smash his fingers with a hammer than watch AI. It's not your fault Matt, we just wore you down! LOL! But you HAVE to keep watching 'cause I can barely wait to read what you say about it every week!

Ok, here's my 2 cents. I thought over-all the BEST night by far. Haley was the best she's been & looked very cute. I thought all the guys improved but I think Phil could probably go. I liked Lakisha as always but I thought she's been better. I liked Melinda but HATED that haircut or wig or whatever. It made her "neck shortage problem" even MORE noticeable! BTW, I love that song 'As Long As He Needs Me' & I should probably confess I know ALL the words to EVERY song in that entire musical.. Sad but true... However, I don't know if I would have picked it for the British Invasion show. I was not impressed with Stephanie & she could go home tonight too. However, I thought Gina TORTURED 'Paint It Black'! And I like her less than Stephanie. Camille, didn't you think Jordin did great? I thought she was REALLY good last night! And looked very pretty too. And that brings me to Sanjaya. I'm with Randy - I was so shocked that he not only picked THAT song but actually was kind of spunky that I don't know what to say! I've had trouble speaking all day as my jaw is still on the floor at home... He WAS better than he's been & I did actually see for the 1st time why all the little girls (& Camille :) ) think he's so adorable. But how many times did the damn producer have to show that cryin' kid?! I'll be shocked if he's the one to go home tonight, just because even MORE of the teenboppers will now vote for him. Plus, I want him to stay on, just so I can read Matt's apoplectic review next week.... LOL!

And Sara, 7 years is nothing! If not for your husband's understandable disagreement (LOL!), I'd say you & Blake would make a very cute couple!


Susie, I was waiting with antici...pation... for your Idol talk! Now my day is complete :)

Okay, the one thing I was really wishing last night, was that they would have LuLu come up onstage and sing "To Sir With Love." But then better yet, they should have played a tape of her original version. I used to listen to that song over and over, it just gave me chills!!! And Susie, I love the musical Oliver, too. All the songs, all the characters... Fantastic. Whooo Will Buyyyyy This Wonnnderful Morrrrning?.... ahhh.
You Got To Pick A Pocket or Twoooooo..... Can't beat it.


Yes, Susie, thank you!! That part of my brain had shut down! I remember the one guy just up and quit, for no reason, and I was getting worried about the race!(that and the money part!)

So, AI has a "real" singer on every night to "guest"? I loved Lulu. I named a cat after her!! (One of the best compliments I can give a person is to name a pet after them!!) Back in the middle 90's when I was into "Absolutely Fabulous" aka AbFab; I named all my cats after characters. Bubble is still alive; and I gave Patsy and Bertie Wooster to my psychiatrist; cause I was WAY maxxed out on cats! But sadly, Edina and Saffron have gone across the "rainbow bridge"...but there are new younger kitties in their place!


Oh, and my best-est dog ever, was a sheltie named Sheena, after Sheena Easton!

susie b

Camille! I'm still recovering from the fact that you luv "Sugar,Sugar" too! I was afraid when I confessed that yesterday you'd think I was beyond hope & you would'nt talk to me again! LOL! Now I find out you not only know of OLIVER, but know the songs! Well, "I'm reviewwwwing the sit-u-a-tion"!! :)

BTW, I bet Lulu sings tonight on AI! And Peter Noone too. And both of them looked pretty damn good!

Theresa, this is funny but it will tie in to some comments I wrote on MDs site the past few days. I saw Sheena Easton in "Man of LaMancha" at the National Theatre in Washington several years ago. Raul Julia was Cervantes/Quixote. I sat in the front row (not by choice, I HATE sitting that close as it distorts your view of the whole show). The stage designer had constructed the set so that the stagefloor was tilted DOWN towards the audience & even out over the orchestra pit. Bottom line was that I sat 3-4 feet from Raul & Sheena's singing faces for about 3 hours. Let me just say that as pretty as Sheena always looked on TV, in person & even under theatrical make-up, she was drop-dead gorgeous! The problem with that seat though was when Raul sang 'The Impossible Dream'. As I wrote on MD's yesterday, I bawl when I merely READ the lyrics of that song let alone HEAR/see it performed. Let's just say I think Raul thought he did the best job EVER & that he really CONNECTED with the audience & that possibly there was something tragically wrong with the youngish woman in the front row..... :) :)!


I dunno folks, guess I just don't quite "get" AI. It kinda drops my chain. But, for any twangsters out there, there's a show called "Swingin' Doors" on my fave local indie radio station:; it airs from 6-9 PM (PDT) on Thursdays. You can get to the live show on the web throught the link. "The Roadhouse" on Wednesdays from 6-9 is pretty damned good, too. Hell, the whole station is great...some pretty cutting edge stuff in a variety of genres. Anyhow, way off topic, but just thought y'all might like to know about there thang. Good stuff!


I'm reading everyone's AI comments and rants with a smile- I'm pretty much in Matt's old camp about breaking my fingers with a hammer before I watch AI (sorry Susie!). Who woyuld have forseen that Matt would cross over to the Dark Side! Actually in past years I ended up getting hooked near the end, just hasn't happened yet this year (I guess I'd have to turn the TV on first). Keep the comments going, at least I have a little background when I hear the water cooler stories at work. (turns out none of my co-workers ever talk about bike racing- go figure). And Susie's comment about the discussion with Floyd- the hotness factor- has me rolling. All I can say right now is mountain road ride tonight (if the rain stays away anyway!) Leather-Up!

susie b

Well, thank God, woofdawg, & GregC - we are saved from the Apocalypse for at least another day! :) :)

Oh, I do know of Patty Griffin. Don't have any of her CDs, but she wrote some of the stuff on some of my favorite female Country artists' records - M.C.Carpenter, Reba, Martina McBride.

Hey, there is something SPOOKY going on & my DESTINY is trying to tell me, Hell, SHOUT at me, because I just found out Patty G did a CD titled "Impossible Dream"!!! OMG! Marty writes about perseverance & his favorite song Thunder Road. I comment about perseverance & my emotional connection to "The Impossible Dream". Theresa writes about her dog Sheena & I write of my face-to-face (literally...) experience seeing Sheena & Raul perform 'Man of LaMancha' (highlighted by my bawling appreciation of 'The Impossible Dream') & now I look up an artist for the 1st time ever on Amazon & see THIS particular CD?! Too weird!

People, people, that lottery scenario could be coming true ANY day now!

Cathy Mehl

Greg, hold off for a few more weeks, it will get way better in a couple weeks plus a battle royale I think.

I wanted to be sure all of you cycling geeks know about Paceline TV. For $10 a year you can purchase access to all of this unique footage of the team. Today has a real team meeting filmed during the ToCA--this is very rare access! Most teams think it's bad luck to let outsiders into their team meetings! There is also a very cool tribute to Eki video where teammates tell funny stories about racing with Eki. It's all good, inside the team stuff--and a great deal for $10!

Enough of tooting the DC horn....but do go check it out!

Cathy Mehl

Ms. T, forgot to say that yes, every week they have a special musical guest on Tuesday night that has worked with the contestants on their choices of songs and each week has theme. Last week was Diana Ross, this week was the 60s. In the past have been Rod Stewart, country, Elvis, etc. Then on Wednesday night before the elimination the guest singer does their own performance. So each week you get something different, not just each of them picking some random song and singing it. It makes all of them go outside their comfort zone and sing something new and different. That's really what I like most about AI.


I hope you guys watch DVR'd, TIVO'd, taped or whatever versions of AI when you do watch it. I'm so spoiled now by not having to watch the commercials. And not to insult anyone's intelligence, but I'm just saying this so you can get here and dish with me faster after watching it... if you set it to record, then wait 15 minutes (for an hour show), then you can just push Play and fast-forward through the commercials, catching it at the end just where it stops recording. And probably everyone here already knows all that (sowwy). But SOMEbody (was it Amy?) just got a DVR, so maybe she didn't know. Maybe. :)

Oh boy, tonight I have Survivor, AI and LOST, all in a row! I hit the Idiot Box Jackpot! And for anyone who might start watching AI soon, don't start tonight, the Wed. night show is pretty boring (they just eliminate someone). Other than Lulu and Peter Noone possibly singing, it won't be much. Tuesday night is the best night to start watching.

Cathy Mehl

Yes I agree on the Tivo of everything Camille, so then when we're being idiots sitting on the couch watching mindless tv at least we aren't sitting there AS LONG!!!!


Maybe...JUST MAYBE...all my fingers ARE broken from a hammer...and THATS why I started watching AI! (thats my story, and I'm stickin' to it!) Of course, I'm getting pretty good at hittin' tivo buttons w/ my toes due to the unfortuanate hammer incidents (and using voice recognition for the PC to type...only gets annoying when I have to do indivual keystroke corrections...found typing w/ my nose works best for that). On the TIVO gets a mite annoying when I MEANT to ff thru commercials, and I end up changing the channel or something...we all have our own level of crises to deal with in our daily lives.

Man oh MAN do I hope they toss Jambalaya off tonight! I figure him (her?) and Gina will be hittin' the dusty trail. But seeing as I still don't actually call in and vote...guess I 'got nut'en to complain about!' So THERE! I may WATCH, but at least I'm not VOTING! That way you CAN'T BLAME ME for the outcome! (the democratic way).

And btw, Sara, you completely crack me's a virtual LOCK that your post brings a smile (and sometimes a raucos LAUGH!) to my face every morning! Then I just HANG ON TIGHT throughout the day as the ball usually rolls into, thru, beyond (and sometimes BACK from) some uncharted territory!

Oh...and as to the 60's music you were all chattin about archies..I remember ROLLER SKATING to Sugar-Sugar as a young lad! (and WAS back IN the 60's!) Man...those were the days! I actually HAD a Hermans Hermits album...about wore it out on my mom's stereophonic turntable. "H......E.......N-R-Y....ENERY....ENERY...ENERY the 8th I am I am"...well, you all know how it goes! And I recall 'Paul Revere & the Raiders mentioned earlier today..Indian Reservation was one of my FAV's from the 60's...which is saying a LOT as there's SO MUCH awesome music from that era!


Sara, you really cracked me up this morning, too. ("I think I'm in love with him. Is that wrong?")

Whoooboy, Lulu sounded aMAZing on To Sir With Love!! I only wished I could hear it eXACTly like she used to sing it, but she's obviously tired of doing it the same old way. But it was really dramatic and goose-bump-giving back then. I bet I was in 3rd grade when I saw that movie. And I just put it on my Netflix list, along with Oliver! :)

And Lulu's got SOME kinda plastic surgeon or Botox-supplier, doesn't she? She must be 90 years old by now I would think. But considering how old they must be she and Peter both look inCREDibly well-pickled, if you ask me.

Well, (***SPOILER ALERT*** if you didn't watch AI yet...)
Thank goodness Stephanie went home. One boring performer down and sorry, Matt, the LOSER is still there (and NOT in the bottom three!!!). C'mon, don't you at least enjoy making fun of him when you watch him? On some level? You know you do. :)


Sanjaya wasn't even in the bottom three?!?! OMG! Didn't get to see AI tonight (actually went to a movie with my husband!!!) so I rushed onto this wonderful AI info extravaganza to find out - and Camille didn't let me down :) Thanks! Stephanie is a good one to go.....but PLEASE.....we CANNOT have Sanjaya hanging on FOREVER!!!! Come ON people!!!! Glad to hear that Greg and Woofdawg have not yet succumbed to the same fate as Matt. Let his broken, bandaged fingers be a lesson to you both.

OH, and Oliver was the first stage show that I was IN! I was a dirty little orphan "boy" in 4th grade! Anyway, I know ALL of that music and, thanks to Susie and Camille, have been humming it ALL day long -- can't get the darn stuff out of my head LOL


Okay; I got stuck at work tonight, got home late, etc. Just signed up for a 4 state ride out of Joplin; BUT I'm only doing the 62mi, so it may be just 3 states! I'll have to get a motel room, because it starts at 7AM and I would have to get up at 3am or something to get there, find the place, blah, blah....The week before we've got a new ride in Sfld called the Queen City Century, and I'm going to go for 62mi-- two weeks in a row!!! Do you think I can do it? I'd better...:)

Now, on to AI, I'm going to watch it now before I go to bed. I want to hear Lulu sing.
And Susie, I like " Sugar,Sugar" too! And it appears that the stars are lining up for you!

Cathy, I signed up for Paceline TV; but I am ashamed to say I haven't watched it yet! Will do, ASAP!

Okay, I'm going to watch it NOW; if just for Lulu!!

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