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March 22, 2007



With all the "we won't get in each other's way, and we'll share" talk; there is still a memory of 2005, when Ullrich, Kloden, and Vino were basically chasing each other! I don't want to make judgements about Kloden; but if he'd stayed at T-Mobile, he'd be team leader...and I know I was talking out of the other side of my mouth the other day ( no one may remember!); but you know Vino wants the Tour win BAD!! And I think it would be great!! I know; there's my conflicting feelings about Basso, surfacing again....That problem is because CSC and Discovery are both very close to my heart; and they are bitter rivals!
Although, maybe it'll work; throwing Jan into the group seem to make everything more confusing; in 2004, I don't remember Kloden and Ullrich having the same problem; but that was with no knowledge as to what I was watching; and I may not have been paying attention.
Anyway, that made me think; I wonder who will be team leader at the Tour for T-Mobile this year? Grand Tours in general??

Onward...I got my Crusoes email!! I wonder how much paper I need to print it all out? Better, pick up a package...I'll take to DesMoines with me to read some at my Dad's.

And now; for AI! Cathy was right, nothing happened last night to excited me, except hearing Peter Noone and Lulu sing. Peter was great! I love that song, and I haven't heard it for a long time! Lulu on the other hand, took her beautiful song and did something strange with it.
And what about those SHOES!
OMG, how could she walk??? I guess she was playing to the audience; but I was also disappointed!

susie b

I hope to write in later too, but just want to say now that yes, FLOYD is lookin' mighty HOT in that photo! Can it be he's relishing the idea of being the LEADER of Team Gladiator? Hmmmmmm?

Thanks Sara! Oh, & because of your's & Matt's utter shock & disgust that Sanjaya is still on AI & your're both so funny when you write about it, I'm now PULLING for the guy to stick around at least for a couple more weeks! LOL! I'm sorry, but you're both RIOTS!

Go Sanji, Go Sanji, Go Sanji!

Cathy Mehl

I think teams are forced to have two Tour contenders because of the high profile of the race and pressure from sponsors to perform well there. It's too easy for something to go wrong with only one contender--they can be sick, injured, etc and not have a chance in hell to win the Tour. But if there are two possibilities with one being the awknowledged "real" leader, then the team has more options when July rolls around. Everyone can show up at the start of the race and think they are all at top level, only to start racing and be sadly mistaken. And then what? I think we need to recall that LA was extremely fortunate to not have any bad luck (or not much) during his streak of seven. I'm sure everyone was always a little nervous as the start rolled around each year--not that he wouldn't be ready, he would, but that something would go wrong or he'd be hurt or under the weather. 2000+ miles is a lot to ride when you don't feel good!


Good point, Cathy! Lance never got injured before the Tour, or during, and have to quit. Man, he was really lucky! In 2003 when he bonked; and Beloka was so close; besides Jan!; Beloka had that HORRIBLE accident, and he's never had the same results since. But with Vino and Kloden, I wonder if the could pull off a double podium? That would be hard to do, if Vino is leading! Kloden would have to support him!
And we can't count out Sastre! He road 3 grand tours last year, and still had good finishes!!

Okay, I bought some paper(500 count); Camille said it was 423pages for the Crusoes! At least I just got some ink a couple of weeks ago! Here we go!

susie b

The thing about Vino that I find fascinating is that he is SUCH an aggressive rider & yet he seems so shy & soft-spoken when interviewed! He is almost always described in magazine interviews as shy too. Guess he takes it "all out on the bike"! And yes, Theresa, I thought that T-Mobile "strategy" was awfully strange in 2005 when they seemed to be chasing each other! Do you think it was really strategy or just Vino deciding to GO because he knew he was leaving the team & was basically riding for himself? I also was amazed because I'd read several articles for at least 2-3 years that Vino & Jan were friends & even went hunting together in Kazhakstan & I thought what Vino was doing was hurting Jan in the race.

Abrupt change in topic. :) I didn't get to chime in Tuesday night when ya'll were talking about concerts. I never got to SEE him, but I listened to his concert outside Cole Field House in the mid-70s when I went to visit my older sister at UM : ELVIS. It was either August or September & really hot so they had all the doors open so we could hear pretty good! It was before the really fat years & he sounded great! Also, I can testify that they really DID say "Elvis has left the building" at his concerts! At least I heard it that day & then a limo zoomed by us & we all thought that must have been him. I've since read that the limo was always a decoy & Elvis snuck out some other way! Don't know if that's true though!

And Bobby Sherman was 1 of my 1st crushes when he was on the TV show, umm, called "Here Come the Brides" I think? He was the youngest of 3 logger brothers & David Soul was the middle one. Anybody remember that? He was just adorable!

And Amy, I'm so jealous you got to see Fleetwood Mac during the Rumours tour, when they were at their peak! Do you remember the performance, "clouded" as it was? :) I saw Elton John in 75 or 76, when he was at his peak & wearing the outrageous outfits. It was a blast! Unfortunately, our seats were close to the humongous speakers & we could barely hear for the next couple days!

The "worst" concert I ever went to had nothing to do with the music (John Denver), but because I broke up with a guy DURING the concert! I couldn't listen to John Denver for freakin' years! LOL!

OMG! I just realized how much I wrote! Shut up Susie! See ya'll tomorrow!

Cathy Mehl

Hey everyone, since this is an especially clever group maybe y'all can help me come up with a name for my column on Paceline. I prefer it to include my name but that's not an absolute. Any ideas?


Cathy Mehl presented by Team Gladiator......


That was the same thing I was thinking!!


Only, that's not the team that's paying her right now!!LOL


A Beautiful Girl is Like a Cathy Mehl-ody

Mehl-ifluous Notes
by Cathy Mehl

Check Out THESE Mehlons!

Okay, sorry... :)


LOL Camille, I think you're on the right track! How about... Cathy "I love Alberto's eyes" Mehl. (Are you sorry you asked yet Cathy :)

So I still haven't seen an episode of AI, but today at the store, I bought a carton of Choc-n-Roll Caramel American Idol ice cream.I would vote for it for sure.

Cathy Mehl

Oh that Mehlons ones is funny. I like that ! How about the Mehl Room?


The Mehl Room is good. I had also thought of The Mehl Bag but didn't know if you were going to receive and answer questions. But the first one would still work if you didn't, IMO.

Back to The Crusoes! :)

Matt I FINALLY get to post! (stupid servers at work!)

Jambalaya...Jambalaya...ACK! ERCK!! GRFRRTRKNT**&^%#$@#!@n FLBBRRRREE**&^&^%%!!! (that is the closest I can come to spelling the strange incoherent noises that emanate from my lips) as I now appear to be incapable of forming words describing my true feeling towards his continuing presence in the supposed ELITE group of singers left in this years AI.

Maybe I can reprogram my TIVO somehow to recognize (and discard/shred/burn/deconstruct and finally DisIntegrate) the period of time when HE (using the term HE very loosely here) SINGS (using THAT term EXTREMELY loosely)...the judges must be laughing hysterically at the sad state of the voting public in this country...if this is the best we can do on a stupid SINGING competition, how in the world can we be trusted to actually elect functioning governments..(if ya' know what I mean!) Sorry...edging towards political stuff..and I think that is (or should be) a strict NO-NO here! I'll back away from the abyss...carefully...carefully...whew...I’m back! how about some bike related stuff?? Interesting you mention Vino today Sara..I STILL think he’s gonna be the man to beat come TDF time (if he’s healthy). Though I do think DC will make it quite the race…assuming they will be riding for Basso…in my mind, it will be a rivalry similar to Lance/Jan…a hard fought, down to the wire race! At least, that’s what I’m hoping for!

As to a team having 2 leaders, I would think that with all the races there are (many going on at the same time) that it is a good the teams are split up so often any.

As to your column Cathy: how about "Mehl's Memmos"..or..hmm..will have to think on that a bit.

Anyway, I didnt' even WATCH AI last night..THANKFULLY! I took a break from my tile floor to check THIS column, and Camille, you didn't let me down. I was able to read about the travesty in voting, and not waste an evening just to find that out. Maybe next week they will have it be "C&W" night..can you hear him doing a nice John Denver (sorry Susie) song? Or maybe Johnny Cash...yea..thats the ticket! Sanjaumbalaya in all black...doing 'a boy named sue'! ACK! (that would be the sound of my heart STOPPING!) Or maybe that should be YACK! as in TOSS MY COOKIES! Pray at the porcelin alter! Drive the Porcelain Dump Truck! Need I go on?


Matt, you are a riot!! Nothing is more frustrating that NOT being able to post!!
I guess next tuesday (?) I'll get formally introduced to final 11!

Cathy, I like the Mehl Room! And Mehl Bag, too.

Okay, finally I finished printing the Crusoes! I had to make a emergency run for ink; THEN, of course I didn't know how to print the pages I didn't have! So I made a phone call to my friendly neighborhood computer tech; Janann!!! She is just amazing, guys! She got me back in the business of printing, without reprinting everything!! Now I'm trying to resist starting on it, cause I have to be up earlier than usual tomorrow. Today was a vacation day; nothing accomplished that I planned.
Tomorrow, I head to Daddy's house, for my yearly visit. I'm taking Crusoes with me!!


Oh, and nothing better happen to Vino, he needs the luck of Lance! I want to see him there and going for the win!!

Oh, and Susie, I don't think 05, T-Mobile offensive was planned strategy. And I never read where and of the 3 riders involved, ever said anything about it. Everyone else did!

Cathy Mehl

How about something in the neighborhood of The feMehl View or The feMehl Perspective or FeMehl Outlook???

Hey, what type of songs are they doing on AI next week? I missed that announcement, am curious about that.


First of all, I think that since Floyd is our official leader of Team Gladiator, he should be included somehow in the post every day here. And.....well.....if it HAS to be a cool Rock Star Floyd picture like the one Sara forced on us today, I guess we'll just have to suck it up and tolerate it. ;)

Matt, Susie is right, your tirades regarding our favorite non-singing idol are so good, it ALMOST makes me want to see him stick around.......ALMOST! OK, he cannot -- I mean CANNOT -- make it into say -- the final 4 or 5 on this show!!!!!! The teenagers MUST be stopped!!!!

I'm curious about what the theme of next week's AI is also. Anyone???

Theresa, glad you're up and printing again after the Crusoe Crisis! I'm not going to print mine out - maybe I'll have to borrow yours when you're finished:)

LOVE the Mehl names so far! I'll have to think on it.


Camille - your Mehl names win hands down for creativity!!

susie b

"When you need more information, go to 'The Mehl Room'..."! I can see the ads now.... "For the full scoop, check out The Mehl Room". Possibilities are almost endless! I also like 'The FeMehl Perspective' & Camille's 'Mehl-ifluous Notes' too! I would worry if you use something insinuating "Female" in the title, that would keep away MALEs. You know how some guys are! They'll think it's a Chick thing!

And as much as I LOVE 'Check Out These Mehl-ons', I doubt that would draw the readers Cathy is hoping to attract.... LOL!

I also like 'Mehl Call'. Too bad US Postal isn't the sponsor anymore! What a tie-in to all these "Mehl" names! On the drive home last night I kept trying to think of things with PACE (because she's at The Paceline..) in it. "Off the Pace with Cathy Mehl', but I'm afraid "off the pace" means not good!

Change of subject. For all those printing out The Crusoes - you DON'T have to print out ALL the pages at once! I printed the 1st 100 & then another 100 last night & will print the rest Saturday when I can hog the printer at work ALL for myself!

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