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March 09, 2007



I am sooo glad George will be riding at the Tour of Georgia!! If he can't win Paris-Robauix, the it's got to be Georgia!!lol Only an american would say something like that!!

The first race the boys here in Spfld have is March 23rd. And I'm not sure about Mercy in Ark; but at least we don't have snow on the ground!!
Debby has herself "trapped " into riding this weekend with racer hubby and friends; lets all send her good thoughts that she doesn't turn into a popscicle!!


OMG!! Look what I just found, Brad Huff got picked for the US world track team!!

Brad and Mike Creed!! I've got to learn something about track racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara B

Theresa, check out my interview from last year with Zach Bell (a Canadian track star) - the link is to the left. He gives a little insight into the world of the track rider.

And good luck to your Brad!


Good interview, Sara! But I think I'm going to need a beginning lesson in track. There's a velodrome in St Louis, it might be something to check into next year after the road season is over.


Oh, and DaveZ says he'd like to do the hour record; but in a Velodrome in Utah. He's not sure that part will happen!lol But he's still thinking about it at some point in the future!


Yay for Brad! I just keep thinking of the picture with the tan lines....

Can't wait to hear about everyone's adventures this weekend. Tell Floyd we said hello, and boys...ride like the wind.

susie b

Gosh, I meant to write earlier & now I have to leave so can only write a few things!

Have a great Ride Matt, GregC & Paul! We want to hear ALL about it!

And Cat & JD, have a great time hanging with Floyd, if, as Sara says, Security lets you through the doors! And you KNOW we also want to hear ALL about that!

And Sara, we're all glad you're back from your trip safely!

susie b

GUESS WHAT?!! The Spanish judge heading the Operation Puerto investigation has DISMISSED the case for lack of evidence!


If you were a European lawyer, would you not be walking around, taking deep breaths & saying " Ahhhh, I LOOVVE the smell of DAMAGES in the morning...."


It became painfully obvious that OP was going nowhere....
Now, who do they sue? The Spanish goverment? Some of those cyclists are still unemployed, besides our fine Jan Ullrich.

Don't you think Johan is popping his buttons?


Gosh, Sara, we made TBV again,yesterday!! I didn't check after early yesterday, but he picked up on our mission to amuse Floyd!!


(OK, now I am blushing. Well Camille, I outdid myself this time! I just posted my note below on MD's site. I left the site up by accident when Janann came over and when I returned home started typing thinking I had Sara's site up. Shizzit. I think I will emial Marty and ask him to delete it.)

Weeeeeere Baaaaack!

OMG, FL is THE nicest, MOST generous, MOST humble person I have ever met that isn't just a regular guy. Janann and I will write up a "report" and send it to Sara to do with as she sees Best.

In the mean time, it was a phenomenal experience. Smart people around him. Dr Bank sat next to me (I didn't know who he was, but Janann kept trying to get my attention to clue me in) and proceeded to ask me what "they" were going to do at this shindig. I told him I wasn't an expert, but I thought....and proceeded to talk about the slide show and assays...made an ass out of myself. But I guess he amused himself with the little charade, something to keep the boredom and repetition at bay. I could flatter myself and say he was flirting, but let's get real. Besides, he didn't repeat the performance afterwards when I was standing next to him in the lobby. I did get to watch Floyd for that whole time while I waited for Janann and her husband (they were talking to Robbie Ventura about training).

Floyd was gracious and welcoming to every person who approached him. Never tired of posing, signing, even offeriing to sign everything you were holding. Quick witted, and a great laugh. *sigh* Unfortunately he was wearing a suit.....

More Monday. catherine


Catherine, you mean Arnie Baker was sitting next to you!!? OMG, how embarrassing, I don't know if I would have realized who it was either!! I'll bet he thought you were very informed!!!

I can't hardly wait for your report!!


Catherine, it's fine! Don't worry. Besides, one time I wrote something I regretted on MD's site and asked him to delete it -- he didn't. Maybe it was a fluke but it's possible he has a "you said it - it stays" policy. It's okay, I know there are people on that site who will be interested, fascinated in fact that you got to meet Floyd. Just wait, someone will ask you more about it. Or they'll come here hoping to hear more.

You know, everything you said about Floyd confirms exactly what I would expect him to be like. ExACTly, down to the great laugh. Love it!!! Thanks, "Cat" :)


Is Arnie Baker the doctor that's helping Floyd with his defense? I can't keep everybody straight. Did you give him the plans for Team Gladiator aka Susie's Boys so he can start training, and of course...LEATHER UP!!? I can't wait to hear all about it!!


Wow Cat...amazing story! How VERY COOL to be able to go to that event! Dr. Arnie Baker..he is Da' MAN in Floyds defense! My brother talks about his book (he wrote a book that is used for bike training for LONG HARD RIDES...such as the CA Death Ride every year up in northern CA (129 miles, 15,000' climbing)...that type of thing. He is SUPER knowledgable about everything cycling!

AND...our Century! Well, I made it! Hooked up with Greg and Paul (and a few of their friends..we had a group of 7). I will let Greg regale you with the smooth awesome detailed version (he has pics too!)...but the readers digest condensed version: it was 44 deg at the start...and MAN OH MAN was that cold for the first hour or so! I was shaking so hard on the first descent that I truly thought I might wreck! But the sun came out and burned off all the fog (we call it 'Marine Layer' here)...and it was a BEAUTIFUL (albiet WINDY!) day! I think the highs in the final canyon we rode were up to 87! Our actual riding time (not counting the food/potty stops..there were 5 of them) was right at 6.5 hours..average speed was something like 16.7 mph...which I think is pretty impressive for a bunch of OLD GUYS! (I was one of the 2 youngest at 46). Thought I was in REAL TROUBLE at mile 85...a big long climb (MANY people were walking it)..usually I just FLY on up the climbs..but was pretty whipped at this point, and I was right on the ragged edge of thigh cramps (if I stood up out of the saddle for even a moment it was gonna lock up). Greg was QUITE Powerful the entire ride (he is my hero!)...the final 10 miles AFTER the 2 excruciating climbs (the last one is actually called 'THE WALL') was slightly downhill and it was chase and fly..all the way back into Solvang! I did my best to reel in Greg..he outclimbed me pretty bad on our final climb...and was really flying down the descent..I ran my heartrate up to the mid 160's trying to catch him (I FINALLY DID..only for him to say "hey...I think I see Peez up front, gonna try and catch hinm)..and BAM..or more like BEEP BEEP (think road runner) poof... he was gone...and I was TOTALLY spent, and had no hope of hanging with him. But I survived..a beautiful day and quite a LONG ride! Afterwards, we all had bbq and a beer, sat around chilling to the music and festivities...I have to admit though... after 6.5 hours in the saddle, I have some seriously 'tender vittles'...REALLY gotta get a new seat!

OK..thats my quick version..can't wait to hear Greg (and Pauls) accounts! All in all, quite the success for my FIRST CENTURY EVER! YIPPEE!! (boy am I GLAD to be OFF that bike!)


WOW! Matt, what a day!! Average speed 16mi/hr!! With mountain climbs! My average speed is between 10-12 mi/hr. And I'm not sure I could finish 25mi, right now! And the 87degrees sounds good. I can get 44degrees here in MO!


Gees Matt, what a ride! All this time I thought you were about 32 or at most 36. Good on ya mate! That is a remarkable achievement, especially in light of your recent confinement in FLA wrecking havok and doing spy type stuff (and swimming 2 miles, which someone on MDs site thought was a good place to start before riding....or was that you? Ach, my brain, my brain on wine).

Thank you Camille and Theresa for being supportive and not rolling your eyes and going "tsssk, what were ya thinkin?" Damn, that was near humiliating. I did email MD, but said what you did, "perhaps this isn't how you handle your comments, but..." I'm sure he doesn't deem to travel in the comment section, even to delete. He seems rather removed. A true author with real boundries. Yawn.

Anyway, I'm over it. Can't help my ditzyness (always had it, just hid it better when I was younger).

Yes Amy, the guy was Arnie Baker. Kinda glib and a little smooth, but doing good for Floyd and other cyclists. I thanked him as we left; he seemed a little unsure about how to react. Couldn't tell if he was caught off guard or just unuse to being approached on a "real" level. I meant it though.

We all, at one time or another, do things that are heroic and have an impact on the lives of others. I think this is one of those moments. Neither Floyd nor the others can think that way right now because it distracts you from your work, but when all is said and done, I think this might be what he will be remembered for; creating a path to something better and more just. Perhaps he is a reluctant iconoclast.

I am so glad to have all of you to write to. Thanks, what a grand day!


PS We did give Floyd the envelope with printouts of our conversations here. I addressed it to he and his wife, titled it Team Gladiator and signed it the Inane Asylum. He was amused and polite. I'm sure he didn't know what it was. I did catch him a bit later looking at the envelope in a quizzical and curious way. Since he had (yet) another event to go to (a $500 per plate dinner at EJ's Place) I'm sure he won't read it til he gets home.

The poor man was at an art gallery event on Friday, the Town Hall presentation and Q&A 2:30-after 5 on Saturday, then a dinner in the evening... only an extrovert could stand that.

When you see him in person, he looks like an eagle.


For a good report on yesterday's events, go here:

Mike Hensen did ask Steroid Nation and others (Rant did prior to Steriod's ??s) to please identify themselves when asking questions.


Listen to you, Catherine; talking blog talk!!


Hi all! Catherine's excitement pretty much summed up our day on Saturday! Yeah, we sat next to Dr. Arnie Baker! Cat, I laughed SO hard when I read that you posted it to MD first. I wouldn't worry, though. People there will enjoy it too :)

Floyd was unbelievably gracious with everyone at the event. He was completely straight forward when answering questions and added humor throughout. After attending, its almost impossible to believe that he is traveling the country to proclaim his innocence, asking supporters for money to help him fight, and speaking with each person one-on-one, looking them in the eye -- if he has anything to hide. I think that he is really courageous to put himself out there and fight the good fight in an attempt to change an unjust system. I loved your post about that, Cat. My husband and I were discussing the same issue. This may be the vital impact that he'll have on the sport and may be something he'll be remembered for far longer than for his TdF victory. Catherine is sending more to Sara from us and I'll send her a couple of photos to use or not, as she sees fit (though one is especially for the IA). It was an AWESOME event and truly an honor to meet Floyd!!

Matt - I really enjoyed your commentator-esque report (as always)! You guys ROCK!! Great job!!

Taped then posted by Steroid Nation

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