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March 20, 2007


Cathy Mehl

Peter Noone is the guest singer on AI tonight--he lives here in Santa Barbara and always lends his voice to good charity causes around the area. For those YOUNGSTERS on the blog, Noone was the leader of Herman's Hermits in the 60's. WAIT! What am I saying? You wouldn't know HH either! lol Actually my 17 and 20 year olds knows more about music from the 60s than I do. They love the music from that era and listen to it constantly!

Kloden did it today--nice win for him. He's prob pretty happy he left T-Mob!


Actually, I had a major teenage crush on Peter Noone! I'd listen to their album , and stare at his photo on the cover!!

There's been a lot of speculation around Kloden leaving T-Mobile. I read that he wasn't comfortable with the new program. But maybe it was as simple as he wanted to ride with Vino. Whatever the reason, he's a great cyclist and I'm glad to see that he's doing so well! I think Astana has something to prove to the cycling world. And Vino, I'm sure is still angry about the whole OP mess, and the way it screwed up he's 06 season!!

Cathy Mehl

Tour de Georgia has announced the teams (below), with names of Levi, George, Dannielson, Tyler Hamilton, David Millar (!!!), Cadel Evans, Bobby Julich, Dave Zabriskie, Chris Horner all being included as participating. Can't wait to see Millar!

ProTour Teams (2006 Rankings)

- Team CSC (Denmark), No. 1

- Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team (USA), No 4

- Prodir-Saunier Duval (Spain), No. 9

- Quick Step-Innergetic (Belgium), No 13

- Predictor-Lotto (Belgium), No. 16 (Davitamon-Lotto in 2006)

Four UCI Professional Continental teams have accepted invitations, including Tinkoff Credit System, a new team registered in Italy, and U.S.-based teams, Health Net presented by Maxxis, Team Slipstream presented by Chipotle and the Navigators Insurance Professional Cycling Team. Five UCI Continental (USA) teams accepting invitations include Jittery Joe’s Professional Cycling Team, Priority Health Cycling Team presented by Bissell, Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team, BMC Professional Cycling Team and Colavita/Sutter Home Presented by Cooking Light Team. Also confirmed is the USA Cycling National Development Team.


I saw Herman's Hermits in concert when THE WHO was their BACK-UP band!!!


Oops, that was from Camille:)


No foolin' Camille? Wow. That's pretty freakin' amazing--I don't think there are many people out there who can make that claim! Speaking of tunes, I saw Patty Griffin (who lives in Austin these days) last night. I've always been a big fan, but she just keeps on getting better every time I see her. And, her songwriting will just rip your heart out. It was one of those concerts that leaves you almost speechless for awhile afterwards.


Okay, Sara, I've forgotten about the race in Virginia on April 7th, cannot remember what's it called! Help!
Do they have the teams set for it?
And we have the Sea Otter Classic coming up...


Looks like Kloden is in fine form again this year!

Thanks for the TdG info, Cathy! I'm looking forward to seeing Tyler race again. Sounds like we'll have some great teams there and it will be awesome to see all of those American riders.

susie b

Question - how/why is it decided who particpated in Paris-Nice & who went for Tirreno? Do you think the riders have a say-so or do they just go where their DS sends them? I'm so glad Sara, that you gave us the info on Tirreno as some days I just don't have time to click over to the cycling sites & I like your write-up better anyway!

Oh, another question. What's with those teams names including "presented by"? Which sponsor is the MAIN one? Ex - Slipstream or Chipotle? How much money does it take to be a "presented by" sponsor? Just in case I don't win the WHOLE $100 million... :)

And I'm already counting the days til ToG! I guess Robbie's not coming to this one either? Doesn't Robbie LIKE us? Come on Robbie, America would LOVE you! But of course, I'll really be rooting for George at Georgia! Any news on how his wrist is progressing?

And Camille, were you a TODDLER at that concert?! The Who as backup for Herman's Hermits! "I'm 'Enery the 8th I am..." I saw a version of the Hermits along with the Monkees & a few other 60's groups at a Oldies Concert in the early 80s. It was a blast!

And I can't wait to hear Lakisha & Melinda battle it out again tonight! I also hope to be pleasantly surprised by SOMEONE, anyone! Maybe even Matt's favorite - Sanjaya!


Woofdawg, yep I'm serious. And honestly I have never heard Patty Griffin. My husband tells me she's a little like Shawn Colvin, who is also an Austinite. (and I beat her in a 5K once, for 1st place in my age group, Larry, if you're reading -- excuse the bragging but I think Larry will understand my pride). But I digress... Susie, I was probably in about 5th or 6th grade when I saw Herman's Hermits and The Who. And as you can imagine, they really were "the who???" then. And I also saw The Monkees around that same time (I was in love with Davy Jones)

Oh boy, Idol tonight! :)

Cathy Mehl

Suze, I am not expert, but I believe the T-A was a lot of riders that will participate in the Giro--it's used as a warm-up in many cases. And at least at DC I believe the riders sit down with the directors and decide their program together, subject to change for sure with injuries and sicknesses mixing stuff up a bit.

The biggest sponsor is the title sponsor--like Discovery Channel. DC puts in the most bucks and they are the name you see and hear all the time. But if a title sponsor doesn't want to pay the full amount required to be the title sponsor, a lesser amount will be paid by a presenting sponsor, and then the full name becomes (for example) U.S. Postal presented by Berry Floor. That was the entire name that was to be used in the press, when announcers say their name, etc. They get very testy when the full name isn't used because they paid money for it to be so! We got a little reminder at the AMGEN Tour of California to not forget the AMGEN part!

Does that make sense? It's all about level of sponsorship which translates to dollars paid into the fund!

I'm looking forward to AI tonight too, and I'm admitting right up front here I also watched Dancing with the Stars last night, and I love Apollo Ono, he rocks!!

Cathy Mehl

Forgot to say the amount it takes to buy the title sponsor spot depends on the budget of your team--you're raising the money to match the budget for the team. I know you are going to pay your riders really well because they will be so cute and fun to have around, therefore you are going to have a big ol' budget and the title sponsor will have to pay megabucks to get their names on those boy's chests!


Some of the domestic teams are small; like only 16 riders!

No one has answered my question regarding the race in Virginia.....:)


PLEASE, I'm not trying to be demanding, I'm just being a brat! demanding info...really!!

The only live concerts I went to when I was a kid; was The Grand Ole Opry at Memorial Hall in Kansas City,KS!! woohoo..........
Although I saw Roy Clark, Minnie Pearl, Grandpa Jones, June Carter, Earl Scruggs, and a bunch of people I don't remember! I may have seen Johnny Cash; but I'm not sure....


My first concert was Fleetwood Mac on their Rumors tour. I went with my Mom. I couldn't figure out what that sweet smell in the air was, and why I was so sleepy.......


All right, I was really digging Blake and Melinda again tonight on AI! I'm hoping that those 2 make it to the finals!!

Susie I'm hopin' that you win the BIG prize so that you get to pick the name of your team! "presented by Susieb" doesn't have the same punch :) Glad you asked, though, cuz I've always wondered that too.

I've gotta admit that I watched Dancing With the Stars last night, too. My little one LOVES it and dances around the room while its on -- so its double the entertainment! I agree - Apolo Ono was fantastic - and a cutie!


Amy; you got stoned at your first rock concert!!! Did your Mom realize that!!?

The first ROCK concert I went to was the summer after I graduated HS; THREE DOG NIGHT!! Boy, it was awesome!! Then I saw Kenny Rogers when he was with the First Edition at UMKC; that same year! And I missed going to Elton John in 1972, because I broke up with a guy before the concert....pretty stupid, huh?

Cathy Mehl

Oh Theresa I am going to make your day right now. My first rock concert was also Three Dog Night (opening band was the Allman Brothers BEFORE Duane died) in Los Angeles at the Forum (not the live concert they made the album from, but the next year I think). Anyway of course we were sitting five miles away from the stage but we didn't care--my friend Dalene and I were in 8th grade and her dad had driven us over 200 miles to go to the concert! It was Dec 18, so every year Dalene and I call each other on that date and laugh and gossip about life. PLUS two years ago two of them (Danny and Corey) played at the fair near her home in Paso Robles so we went to both shows and sat right up front, singing and smiling! (But Chuck isn't with them now and the other two don't look quite as cute as I'd remembered!) They did still sound great and we had a blast! Now if only we can go to a Bobby Sherman concert again, because that was our first teeny bopper show!


I just watched American Idol... oh man, just about EVerybody was really good tonight, some were fantastic! I think my favorite was Chris Richardson, and Susie, Lakisha was SUPER -- the judges were wrong, I felt like I was sitting there in a James Bond movie. And Matt, how 'bout that Sanjaya, HUH?!!! I thought he did GREAT!!! I told y'all he just needed to belt it and he'd be much better, didn't I?!! Blake was pretty darn sexy tonight with his suavete' and "who's ya daddy"... and really I liked Lakisha better than Melinda tonight. But Chris Richardson was my overall favorite -- Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin' --- soooo beautifully done!

GREAT night on AI.


BOBBY SHERMAN, O.M.GEEEE!!! Cathy, thank you for making me sound young! LOL I think you topped me on that one. Well, I saw Frankie what's his name (you know, they sang Sherrie Baby - I'm forgetting his name 'cause I have Alzheimer's) -- that was in about 1970 and they were has-beens by then, but what a blast. I can really sing Sherrie Baby, by the way. If I ever meet you guys I'll sing it for you :)


Well...I ALSO just watched AI..and I will say it was the best night overall so far, BY FAR! But Sanjaya...E-GADS! sorry..he just isn't even REMOTELY in the same league as the others (I THOUGHT this was a singing competition..guess I'm wrong)...I'm just flabbergasted that he's still on the show! It's not like he's got any kind of a voice...cuz he doesn't! But that 12 year old girl crying and getting all weepy over him pretty much sums it up I guess (I wanted to cry too, though for different reasons than the girl..and I think Simon was thinking the same thing)..I would think all the judges have GOT to be wondering what they can do in the future about the voting (and the vote for the worst skewing the results)...give them some kind of veto...something to stop THIS from happening! That "Vote for the Worst" website is really working it's magic.

Actually, I thought Haley did really good tonight...(the first time I would say that)...AND she looked VERY HOT! And FINALLY...the guys really showed up (well, except for u know who). I've never really been a Blake fan, but he rocked it tonight! I think it was his best performance so far too...same for Jordin...but I still think Melinda is the hands down winner...even though her song choice really didn't light my fire or anything... but she just has SOMETHING that is missing in all the others...I think she tromped even Lakisha tongiht, who was powerful as always. And Phil...I just can't get past the cue-ball thing...he needs some HAIR! (maybe Sanjaya can loan him some). That and his song had WAY too much band and not enough Phil. Chris Sligh...HE ALSO had his best night so far IMO...and Stephanie was also in there (I didn't agree w/the judges on her..thought she was better than they said tonight). All in all, what a great AI NIGHT! (Dang..pod people MUST have come and taken me away and left this THING...I'm all ga-ga over AI..But I REFUSE to watch ANY of the survivor garbage!


One last thing -- I love Dancing with the Stars but missed it last night. So I'll join y'all in the DWTS talk next week (if Sara doesn't mind). I love Apollo from the Olympics (speedskaters, y'know, and my daughters have a crush on him), and I just really enjoy that show. I don't watch TV all day, I swear, but now Monday through Thursday I have a show every night now that I'll watch for the next couple or three months. Then it will almost be time for The Tour:)


Okay, Matt, believe it or not I agree with you that Haley really improved herself a ton tonight. And you know I'm usually very harsh about her. But tonight she had a great song, a cute outfit and at the risk of sounding... not that there's anything wrong with that... she has great legs and she worked it! She did really well and surprised me. Yes, Phil just needs some hair -- I just can't get past the alien look he has. But I could imagine him in any night club here in town -- but With HAIR. I actually liked Chris Sligh tonight -- it was a good song, not cheezy and boring. He was good. But I'd say Stephanie could go home, maybe Gina. Haley will probably get some votes because of the 'sexy, flirty thang' she did tonight. At least it's feeling like it's still a competition again and we have a *whole show* to enjoy watching instead of a bunch of also-rans like it has been up to now! Yes, Blake was good. It's getting fun finally. Yay!


Oh, the great shows I miss by working nights!
And Bobby Sherman was AWESOME!!
And the artist that did "1,2,3" " how elementry, it's gonna be; something "fall in love"," so easy; it's so easy; like taking candy from a baby!!!" " one, two three"..I don't sing in the internet as well as Susieb and Camille!! What was that guy's name????


And,(YOU guys got me started!!) "Cherish"; "Red Rubber Ball", "Summer in the City"....and the Turtles, Paul Revere and the Raiders....there were great groups!! Where are they now?? Are they dead yet????

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