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March 19, 2007



What an EXCELLENT achievement for DC! Enjoyed reading about the final stage...Sara (and Cathy at Paceline)...GREAT writeups!
I didn't get the chance to watch ANY cycling this weekend...busy busy busy! (didn't even get to RIDE either!) Hope this strong start for DC continues! Way to go boyz!


Hey...I posted from work! (I always try...just in case...just got lucky today!)


OMG, it was exciting!! I was so impressed with the team and Contador! He was so great when he crossed the finish line, what a reaction! And on the podium, I don't think that smile could have gotten any bigger! he's incredible!!

I got to ride a little yesterday; and I thought the wind was going to blow me and the bike off the road!

Cathy Mehl

Gerolsteiner might not be so happy now because Schumacher bonked big time on the climb today and lost the jersey!

Contador was INCREDIBLE yesterday, and so adorable on the podium, kissing his little lion and all. I think he's purdy! He arrived late to camp so I only saw him in passing and he's not as big as a minute, just a slight little guy!

But cute and oh, those eyes are dreamy!


I'm hearing that song from the movie Tammy (yes, I'm that old...)... about her being in love(you know: "Taaaaammyyyy, Tammmmmyyyyy...." etc.) except I'm hearing "Caaaathyyyyy, Caaaathyyyyy, Caaaathyyy's iiiin looooove...."
Awwww, ain't love grand? Okay, now I have to go check this guy out... :)

susie b

I just have to say that watching A.C. & the rest of the Disco boys put the BIG HURT on the peloton yesterday SAVED my weekend! The drive home from work Fri night was bad due to the sleet/ice/snow & then I worked Saturday. But THAT was not the worst part! No, as a devoted ACC fan, the NCAAs has been a walk down BOO-HOO ALLEY this year! My beloved Terps are OUT (!) as are 6 of the other 7 ACC teams! Thank goodness, Carolina is still there. Although I don't really feel the same about them as when Dean Smith was Coach - I admired him SO much! (Still, if they make it to the Final Four, I'll dig out my "If God isn't a Tarheel, then why is the sky Carolina blue?" t-shirt!)

And thank goodness for the Cyclysm show & Bob & Paul! I have to say I don't remember EVER having such exciting stages this early in the season as we had in that TOC Saturday stage & yesterday's Paris-Nice stage! It's funny too as I was frantically hoping the exact opposite during each of those stages! During that TOC stage, I was DESPERATE that Disco would reel in the breakaway & I'm yelling "CATCH EM, CATCH EM" the entire time! Then yesterday, I'm screaming for A.C. (Contador, I just like calling him A.C. as he can't look anymore UNLIKE a guy nicknamed A.C. & it cracks me up) to "MOVE IT, come ON, lookin' good, keep going, come on, BE LIKE FLOYD!" I was SO worried that he would get caught until that very last kilometer! If all that effort had been for naught, I would have cried!

But man, like Cathy said, he is one skinny guy! Also, I think Cathy has a "thing" for brown-eyed, handsome men! Basso, now Contador! I agree, I luvvvv brown-eyed men! Although he couldn't look MORE different than a cyclist, I went & saw ROCKYs 3 & 4 MANY times each way back when & it wasn't for the boxin', if you catch my drift... lol!

susie b

Oh, & I keep forgetting to ask Matt. Of your doggies, which one is Sweat Pea & which is Sydney? I'm pretty sure I know which one is PG in the picture - she LOOKS part whippet; the one on the left (not your left, but in the pic).

And I meant to write earlier my sympathy about the horrific accident in Georgia! Any more news about Jackie? I hope they get the culprit! It's difficult for us to believe, but I've read elsewhere & about a different case that this kind of thing is done ON PURPOSE by scum of the earth! Once again a reminder that your life can change in an instant!


Yes, I agree Contador is just plain beautiful! Those eyes and lashes; and it was really cute that he kept kissing his lion!
The descents yesterday were scaring me to death!
Poor Schumacher; every time I hear of the yellow jersey bonking, I think of Floyd. I like Schumacher, too. But Jens Voigt is pretty close; and you never know what Jens is going to do!!


That was a great win for Discovery - with excellent strategy! I was SO glad that he was able to keep that gap during the final kms, as I was biting my nails off. The team all seemed REALLY proud of him and vice versa with Contador repeatedly pointing at the Discovery logo on his jersey. He IS a cutie :) They've all got to be thrilled with their early season performances!!


I was riding my bike on the trainer yesterday while I was watching the last stage of Paris-Nice. I always knew those guys were riding much faster than normal humans, but I didn't realize how fast until I tried to match their pedal cadence. Holy moly. I couldn't keep up that pace for a minute!

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