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February 26, 2007


susie b

You are so right Sara, it is a big loss for cycling that Jan is retiring! And very sad. Shocking too as I thought he was going to get back on a team & kick some butt! The cynical side of me says this does not "look" good for him, that it is almost a show of guilt. I mean, why give up NOW?! That DNA could have settled everything if there was no match...! No matter what, I'm just sad.

The biggest emotion I felt Sunday at the end of the TOC was relief! I was WRECKED on Saturday, thinking it was getting away from Levi & the boys. Yes, it was very exciting for all us fans, but I was going nuts! And that was BEFORE I knew about George's wrist! OMG! 1st, how did George not only keep riding, but set the all-out pace for the last half of the stage?! 2nd, OH-NOoooooo, out 6-8 weeks! I really thought he was gonna win Paris-Roubaix this year! I feel just terrible for George!

Oh, & I so agree with everyone who talked about Levi's "Lance Face"! He even SPIT in the starthouse, just like Lance! Kind of spooky though, how he's starting to look like Lance.... lol!

And thanks so much to GregC for your "man on the street" report! I love reading various 1st person accounts, makes us almost feel as if we were there too! Did you realize how dramatic/possibly shocking the stage was while it was unfolding?

Matt - so, Flipper's got a new bud?! Guess you have to get rid of the guilt SOME!

And I don't want to brag (much :)) but I guessed right on the Oscar winners except for Supporting Actor. I was shocked that Eddie Murphy didn't win. He & Jennifer Hudson WERE that movie! If you have not seen Dreamgirls yet (& yes, Matt & woofdawg, I'd bet money on that for you two...), you will be stunned at how great Eddie was in that part! If you all do go see/later rent the movie, let me warn you that the 2nd half of the movie does NOT live up to the 1st, but the 1st half is just sensational & ends with Jennifer's rendition of THE song : 'And I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going'. And I'm telling YOU - it gives you chills, brings on the tears, & makes you want to stand up & applaud in the middle of a movie....!

Also, I'm a bit cranky today because it snowed 4 inches yesterday & they didn't call for it AT ALL! Luckily, it rained later on last night so that the roads are ok today. But, I have to say, I was so excited a few weeks ago when for the 1st time in ages that damn Groundhog saw things "MY" way & it's turing out he got it all wrong!


Thank you Sara! That was a great interview with Jens. Do you think he was serious about Corona being his favorite beer? Or is a pulling our leg?
And it sounds like he's finally realized just how much American fans love him!!

My heart is sad for Jan. The 2 greatest years of his career taken away from him, and I still don't see anything happening. At least he's going to stay involved in cycling.

AND George is so close to the end of his career on a bike, and another spring classics is being taken from him. So sad.

One of the things that DaveZ said about last year's ToC was that he went too hard, and it affected him later in the season. I hope it doesn't affect Levi the same way. But, he was thrilled to win, and everyone was thrilled for him!


Yes, Susie, I was disappointed that Eddie Murphy didn't win; he was just awesome in that role! And Melissa Ethrerige winning best song! It was a GREAT song, but up against songs from Dreamgirls, I was surprised!!

And I thought about Susie in the snow, when I saw the news. But I'm afraid with all the mess everyone had, I'm so glad we dodged the bullet!! We didn't get anything except some rain, and nasty icky windy, cold.


Gee, I didn't think about Jan's retirement being a show of guilt...maybe I'm naive. I think they were going to make it so hard on him, you'd think if the DNA matched that we would have heard about it...or maybe Jan just decided to make a deal, leave me alone and I'll retire. That's possible.I still wanted to see him kick some butt.


I read that news about Jan this morning... BUMMER!!!!! I mean that's just downright Depressing. I shouldn't care so much. I guess I already had ToC letdown, and then that. Bleh!! BIG Bummer.

On the other hand, I thought Ellen DeGeneres was hysterical last night. Just looking at her smile makes me laugh. I loved the part where she shows up in the aisle and says, "Oh, I'm just takin' a little stroll here, yep... just walkin' along... OH! Martin Scorcese! Hi!" And happened to have her GoodMommas screenplay with her. That was too funny! And the picture with Clint Eastwood, making Steven Spielberg take it... she's just hilarious. But it WAS a long night and I WAS nodding off by the end. I think I missed some major awards there. I wanted the Little Miss Sunshine star to win, but I'm glad Alan Arkin got best supporting actor.

susie b

I love Ellen & the two bits you mentioned Camille were the funniest of the night! Getting SPEILBERG to take the picture & "directing" him on how was priceless! My only criticsm of Ellen on the Oscars was the 1st outfit. I'm sorry, but it just did NOT look Oscar-worthy! I think she should have started out with a black Tux-like outfit. Plus, the way her shirt just hung open in that 1st outfit drove me batty!

Camille - didn't you think Eddie Murphy was awesome in Dreamgirls? I like Alan Arkin a lot too (Alan & Peter Falk in the original 'The In-laws" STILL makes me laugh hysterically....SERPINTINE! SERPINTINE!...) but I just thought Eddie's performance was electric & doubt he'll ever have the chance to show off his musical talent like that again.

And Theresa - I was surprised too that Melissa's song won, but after "It's Hard Out Here for A Pimp" won the other year, well, ALL bets were off in THAT category! I STILL can't get over that! lol!


Susie, I hang my head in shame... I have not seen Dreamsgirls yet. I want to see it though, JUST to see Eddie in that role. I love him and I know he can belt it out after seeing him do James Brown. I really was just sentimentally attached to Little Miss Sunshine as a movie -- I wanted it to do well in whatever categories possible. I loved the messages in that movie. And turns out, it was based on a true story -- that was so cool to hear! But you're probably right about Eddie. He's a great actor even if he usually just does comedy. But actors who make us laugh DESERVE an Academy Award, if you ask me.


Re: Ellen's outfits, funny --- I liked the red velvet one better! But then I'm not big on how people "should" dress for that. I like it when people express their personalities. Unless they just look downright dirty and like they just rolled out of bed -- that's where I draw the line. The homeless look isn't quite my cup of tea, otherwise, show your personality and I'm cool with that. What drives me crazy is the "Who are you wearing?" schtick. WHO CARES??!!! They pour their lives into their writing and acting, and get asked about how they look. That would IRK me to NO END!


How 'bout that guy who got up there and goes, "Wow, Valium really DOES work..."


I liked Ellen's white outfit the best, but I liked the red too. She wears black so much. I thought she did great! And if we are confessing, I'm afraid I haven't seen "Little Miss Sunshine", yet. The dvd is laying right next to my tv. I rented it from Netflix, and haven't watched it yet!! The Tour of Ca got in the way of my movie viewing!!
And, I can't imagine staying dressed like that for, what maybe 8hrs before they go home!!!? And the shoes......
Oh, I'd forgotten about the Marie Antoinette movie! I need to rent that, too! But I need to watch the ones I have here first.

Cathy Mehl

Hi everyone, back to real life after the Tour of CA---which was a most excellent adventure. I'll try to share some pieces this week, some funny stuff happened. But I wanted to be sure all of you regulars at MD read his comments today, as he might have just shed some light on his "attitude" in the past few months!


WOW....Ulrich very sad! (though like has been discussed, can't HELP but wonder as to the in...are there skeletons waiting to jump out of the closet and he 'made a deal'?) Hopefully it's just as he says (his inablity to find a team and the ongoing investigation curtailing his pro career). I still respect him...he was very good for the sport and appeared to be a classy competitor.

And the interview w/ JV was interesting... but is he KIDDING? CORONA?? If he was serious..then his quote about 'Americans' not knowing beer..well, he REALLY needs to get out more. Sure, if you only talk about the major breweries (bud, miller and the like) yes they are a rather sad excuse for a beer. HOWEVER, the multitude of microbreweries that has cropped up lately, well, they are really doing some good stuff! however, even most of those tame as compared to European bears..(British beers in peculiar). I brew my own beer for the reasons I mentioned above...(that, and the price). But the, do THEY KNOW BEER! (GOOD beer doesn't need to be ICE COLD to drink btw). OK...enough on that..(Corona...YICK! Thats just plain P*S! water!) ok..NOW I'm done!

Cathy, looking forward to your insights from the race. Also waiting to see some of Greg's pics! (like the ones w/ Bob cool is THAT!)

And say, did anybody see the 'Specialized Angel' this year? As I haven't seen ANY of the race footage, just curious if she showed up at all the stages like last year (and yes, she was HOT!)


OH...and on your advice Cathy I broke my moratorium and read MD's site...nope, doesn't do it for I once again will delete his blog bookmark from my fav's.


Matt, I saw her -- a blonde wearing big white wings, standing on a balcony I think. Which reminds me, I noticed the ToC didn't have model-type podium girls. Did anyone know who the woman was who gave Levi a double kiss? So I wonder if the ToC people think podium girls are too un-PC.


Matt, is that who the angel was?!!! I never seen wings that big, and she was EVERYWHERE! On Sat. the rider that was out front on the last climb,(Ag2r?) Blew her a kiss, or SOMEONE a kiss, cause even Paul and Phil mentioned it!
Cathy, I can't hardly wait for your stories!! And has someone interviewed George since his wrist surgery, yesterday?? I would really like to know HOW he focused for 100mi to ride the way he did, with a BROKEN WRIST!!

And Matt, Jens HAS TO BE PULLING our leg about Corona!!


Camille, the "podium girls" may have been employees of Amgen. Or CA tourism dept...I thought it was cool that they were normal people!


Oh, and Cathy, who was the woman with the ponytail that always hugged Levi or seemed to be the 1st person he saw, even before Odessa? Was she a soungier(SP???)?


Theresa, it's "soigneur"--or, in the case of a woman it's "soigneuse." Pronounced swahn-YUHR and swahn-YUHS. From the verb soigner--to look after , to tend to, to mind, nurse, etc. Voila, today's French lesson.


Matt, no foolin' on the beer. Corona? That's apretty feeble excuse for beer. But out west, we've preety well got it made for brewskis. Yoou could start in Bellingham, WA and just crusie right on down the coast (with a possible side trip down the east side of the Cascades) and never be far from brewed satisfaction--maybe skip LA (I can't think of any good breweries there) adn head on down to Stone BRewing to finish it out. Think of it--you could ride the whole thing, just get someone to sag, and would that be fine or what? Outstanding riding, delicious drinking.

One of these years I want to go to Belgium for the classics--there's some WAY serious beer there...


Sad news about Jan......I really enjoyed seeing him race and was hoping he could make it back on a team.

That was a nice interview with Jens. He always seems to be so upbeat and usually gives a good interview. I enjoyed his interview after the ToC TT where he said that Levi had beaten him "square and fair".

Did everyone see that Lance will be on Late Night with Conan O'Brien tomorrow night? With Jake Gyllenhaal. Should be fun!

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