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February 27, 2007


susie b

Excellent post, Sara, excellent! Both Floyd's & Jan's situations are "tragic" but I do think it's fascinating how differently each man is dealing with them. I've been thinking a lot about Jan since yesterday & I'm more mystified than ever. I understand his heart was broken & he is so very weary, but if he is truly innocent & that DNA would clear him, WHY would he give up NOW? Can you imagine Lance or Floyd EVER giving up?!!

I just read a few quotes by some of those that were "close" to Jan during his career & they all seem to say Jan just doesn't want to train anymore; not "motivated enough". Not "motivated enough"?!! You'd think being mad as Hell & wanting to prove to the world that you are not only 'clean' but the best damn cyclist there is, would be "motivation enough".... But maybe that's just Floyd.... (& Lance once upon a time).

I still think Jan is a sweetie, a hottie, a fantastic cyclist, & I will miss him terribly, but I do now understand why he never had a chance against Lance.

susie b

OH & you all will NOT believe it, but when I got home last night there was ANOTHER check from the Md Lottery! And although it is more than the last one, alas, I'm not able to be a Cycling Mogul just yet.... (Too bad too as I hear a "fairly decent" team is in need of a new sponsor... :)

I have decided to give half of it to Floyd as I think the reason I'm winning in the 1st place is due to KARMIC payback for giving Floyd a chunk of my Xmas bonus check! This is a pretty good "system" - I give Floyd money, I win money in the lottery, I give Floyd More money.... I should win MORE money in the lottery...! If the "word" gets out, there will be a stampede of donations to the FFF... lol!

Cathy Mehl

(Note, I tried to post this last night on yesterday’s comments, but typepad was having difficulties, so will post it today. Regarding Jan, I think it’s a huge loss to cycling to have him retire this way. Who wins? I swear cycling is willing to eat their young, it’s sickening.)

I haven't seen the tv coverage (although my husband says I was on it alot when Levi was being interviewed) but my best guess is if the gal had brown hair it was indeed his soigneur Barbara. I have tivoed the stages but not watched yet.
Re: Jens and Corona, he gave me the exact same answer a year ago...he likes Corona, what can we say?!! I think he was incredible at the race, as I don't believe he was targeting anything about Tour of CA--he's just that strong! I was mentoring Betsy at the race, so I will be sure to tell her you liked her interview!
Re: the "podium" girl--that's Angie, and she is also the hostess at Georgia, along with another named Jennifer. She is really a great gal and very into cycling.
I was thrilled that Ivan won the stage yesterday. I talked to him before the stage and he said he felt good. He's so humble and gracious, it was such a perfect ending to the race, especially to see a non-PT team win.
McQuaid was at the press conf on Saturday--boy does he hate ASO. He got a little worked up answering questions about them...his face was all red. Not sure if it was a)anger, b)drinking, c)sun.
Enjoyed seeing FL receive some love all over the state. He looks so good, just the right weight, smiling a lot, cutie in his suit. He was brought up on the stage a few times, and he always had long lines at his booth. And best of all, when I see him now he says "Hi Cathy!" and I get a big hug. Another gal and I gave him a podium girls kiss for photo op at his SF fund raiser--I'll try to get a copy! I had him sign my tshirt from his benefit...finally decided I really needed the sig from the Tour de France winner.
Not sure if I already posted that I went to the BMC media event and Andy sat with FL and seemed to have a nice affection for him. I also met Hans Rihs and he and Andy were riding their bikes every day, enjoying life. I finally got to give Andy some wine which had been a long-standing joke between us. Also at the BMC event I met photog Tim de Waele and his moto driver Guy. Let me say this: incredible photographer and really nice guy, cute too!
It was a great race, much easier working for a team than freelance. Next year might be expanded to 10 days and might go to San Diego.
I think Velonews has a video interview with GH...he seemed incredibly sad. I was stunned that his wrist was broken, and so sad for him, just such bad luck for such a nice guy.
Seeing Bettini get a win was a real highlight, plus he was just so friendly to all the fans and seemed to be having such a good time. He told the race announcers he wanted to win yesterday so he'd have to go to doping control and miss his return flight to Europe! The entire team was seen leaving the hotel right after the stage. I think CSC left Sunday night, too.
More as I think of it!


Oh, wow, I could listen to Cathy's stories for hours!! And Susie, the lottery gods are shining on you! I couldn't post last night either due to type-pad problems. I'll check it, and see if I really had anything to say, worth posting anyway.
Jan is a great cyclist, a man with issues of focus off season. I love him. But I guess I'm not surprised that he doesn't want to fight this anymore. That's not Jan. But he is in cycling history forever, as one of the greatest.

I'm so glad that Floyd and Andy's relationship is good. It nice to know that it was never lost, though probably strained at the beginning of this mess.
Cathy, If I knew what you looked like, I probably saw you!! We needed pictures!


(Okay, this isn't earth shaking stuff, but I'm posting it anyway!!)
Woofdawg, thank you so much for the french lesson. I don't remember getting to that verb, but I don't remember a lot of my french!

And JD thanks for the heads up, I would have missed that; I shall set my DVR!! BTW, I thought you could watch one show and record another? I guess I haven't figured it out yet, I'm still not programming, I'm just finding the show, and pushing record. I imagine, there's more for me to learn!
And Woofdawg, if you make it to Belgium for the classics, I think you'll find that you can eat the beer with a spoon! I never was much of a beer drinker, Coors light was my favorite!


Theresa, you can see pictures of her at the Paceline website. She's purty! (which of course, next to Who She's Wearing, is of paramount importance in this world)

Cathy, you're a treasure trove of inside info. And hugs from Floyd every time you see him? Wow, I'm pea green with envy!

Sara, I echoed all your sentiments about Jan this morning, but I had to turn my attention elsewhere because it just makes me too sad. I can't even comment. Theresa, what you said helps me feel better though. We have the great memories of that wonderful rivalry and wondering who would emerge victorious this time. :( Sad.


I went to VeloNews. George sounded so sad. And his hand was so swollen! Also Eddy Merckx has an nice piece on Jan.

Also, Michael Barry's diary from the race is really good.

There, Camille, you don't have to go looking, just click!!


Okay, Camille, I want a link, please. I missed out on the legs contest, I've read Cathy's articles, but I didn't see a picture. Help!


I'm too ignorant to know how to do links. Maybe Cathy can post a link for you? I saw her in a couple of the Solvang training camp pictures I think it was, all buddy-buddy with those wetsuit wearing hunks. Pooooor Cathy, such a terrible life!


Oh oh oh, Today is Debby's birthday! Everyone go to She Cycles by the seashore, and wish her a happy birthday!!

susie b

Thanks Cathy! I'm with Theresa, I could "listen" to your stories for hours! Will you be at Georgia also?

And I also heard/read either on Versus or a website that the TOC will possibly be expanded next year & that would be fabulous! And pinkies crossed that Floyd will actually be IN the race next year & not AT it!

Question anyone. At what length of Tour is there a mandatory "rest" day? If this goes to 14 days, I assume there would be 1 rest day. If 10 days, maybe not? What other Tours are 10-14 days?

And thanks JD, I didn't know about Lance being on Conan! Now if I can just stay awake!


Hello everyone, I'm sorry I missed your postings over the last few days. Sometimes life gets too busy, yikes.

I just found out about Jan this morning. He was one of those guys we like to make fun of (did you ever listen to the Cycling Insights podcast? Hysterical...they need to do more of them). Having said that, I truly feel sorry for him that the cycling bureaucrats have in essence, ruined his life along with Floyd's. It must take a tremendous amount of strength to fight all that bureaucracy, and I'm sure very few of the riders feel up to doing it. Floyd and Lance, for different reasons, are able to do that , but maybe most are not.

Cathy, thanks for sharing your stories with us! Susie, I agree about payback. What we sow, we reap, and it's wonderful you were able to help Floyd like that! When I announced to my husband we were making a donation to the FFF (when they began to take donations) he kind of looked at me funny, but as he is now fundraising for his charity ride, the goodness is coming back his way. So definitely count me in for a donation when you get that gladiator team up and running!!!! :)


AWESOME post today Sara! I just can't believe Jan is NO MORE! I truly figured THIS was his year to comeback! And now it's all just history for him. It really goes to show that the riders need to band together and PROTECT each the sport/teams surely won't as has been shown over and over. to have your life/career wiped out over ALLEGATIONS is SO WRONG on SO MANY LEVELS! I surely don't know the answers here, but I'm very hopeful that FL's bringing the light of day to the deep dark abyss of WADA/ADA is going in the right direction!

Michael Barrys post on Velonews was also excellent! AND the Meryx interview/comments...(which Sara discussed).

Don't think I can stay up for Conan (no TIVO here..really miss that!) so you all will have to discuss LA's presence tomorrow.

Susie, very cool that you won MORE $$ and donate more to FFF!

And now for tonights swim result: I had been shooting for 60 laps (3000 yds). At 3K I was feeling spunky and strong, so kept going..ended it at 80! Took me an hour and 10 minutes...but felt pretty good afterwords! I had been cramping (in the legs of all things) the last few started back on Bananas and Powerade (hey..I"m on the road and don't have my Cytomax with me)...did the trick! So..I made my 2 miles (I measured the pool the other night...23 yds my total was 2.09 miles..YIPPEE!) Now I can rest easy, no pressure before I fly on Friday to get my 2-mile goal.


OH..almost forgot, THANKS Cathy for your wonderful insight and such on the ToC!


Oh...add another disaster to my list of accomplishments here: we had a big thunderstorm last night around 5pm...quite the show. It went by just north of us heading east. Well, Kennedy Space Center is up north of us also, and Atlantis was out on it's mobile pad IN THE OPEN! The thunderstorm I created had pretty good sized hail...and the external tank was I doubt they'll make the Mar 9th launch date now. Am I good or what!


Matt, you ARE good! AMAZing, the impact you have. Well, I wish I had the summary response ability so many of you have. I do well to respond to the last comment I read. Anyway, Matt I went swimming this afternoon and thought of you and your 2 mile goal. That's pretty amazing, considering where you started. But I ran 45 minutes first, and so I just swam for 20 minutes, since I've skipped it for the last couple of weeks. I'll need to build back up. I was glad I had that excuse to quit when I did. I'm going to build up though. It really got my kinks out after running. I don't feel sore or achy at all. (thumbs up!)

Susie, I just watched a DVR'd American Idol and I made a detailed list of each one and graded them. The guys are so much better this week than last week! I have stars by the names of half of them. They're all good in their own way, except Jared, just should be a model -- he gets off key. I think my favorites are Blake Lewis (sang Virtual Insanity) and Chris Richardson (sang a Jason Mraz song) - he reminded me of Justin Timberlake's singing. But I think Brandon Rogers is adorable and I love his voice, he just wasn't "on" tonight. I like Nick Pedro -- (sang "Fever"), but he could stand to loosen up. Chris Sligh is good but a little like listening to someone sing in church I think. But I like his personality. And Sanjayah seems really sweet but he's out of his league. He'll be better in a few years when he gets more confidence. End of report! What did You think?


And Debby, Happy Birthday!


Matt, I am so TOTALLY impressed with your swimming!!
Makes me feel like a lazy bum.

I guess they can't just move the shuttle into the garage when it rains, huh? Man, you need to go back to Ca were SF is having mud slides or whatever!! Fly over all of us in the middle, and look at the snow, that, Thank God, did not fall in MO!!

OKAY, Just watched Lance on Conan!!! They talked cycling!! How cool is that!! Conan rides. And he was asking questions about the Tour. About the "look" which Lance still denies, and Conan mentioned the "guy" that Lance beat 7 times. And Lance said it was Jan Ullrich, and that he just retired. But Conan was funny! He brought up the movie about Lance, and talked to him about that. Lance admitted that he was dropped by a bike messenger in NYC, which actually I believe because those messengers are CRAZY!! Oh, the joke about the Look, was Conan asked and Lance said something, and Conan says" like the look you are giving me right now! I just peed my pants!"


Sara, this was a really great put into words precisely what I'd been feeling about the sad situations of both Jan and Floyd.

Cathy, thanks so much for your report and wonderful insight!!! We're all green with envy! We'd love to see some pics if possible!!!

Matt - When will the madness end?? Do we all need to check your flight path while you are flying over the midwest??? I'm SO impressed with your swimming, though. I could NEVER do that! I'd be tempted to sit in the hotel at night watching movies and eating vendo food LOL.

Susie I'm so glad that your donations to FFF are paying off -- one step closer to the Dream Team of Susies Boyz.

Thanks for the links Theresa - I always like to read Michael Barry's entries. Its hard to remember he's on a different team this year. I think that Lance must have read Sara's post after he was on Colbert, wishing he'd talk about cycling! Hearing him talk about THE LOOK again made me laugh and really made me nostalgic about watching him race. I miss that!


And to correct my quote of Conan's joke about the Look; he said" I just wet myself", basically the same, just funnier with Conan's delivery!!

Bitch Kittie

I too feel your pain with the Floyd stuff. . . alas, there may be a beacon of light in the darkness ahead. Why am I not winning all this lottery money. Maybe I should start buying tickets . . . .Now there's a concept.
Peace Out

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