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February 28, 2007



Yes, I've been taking soigneuse lessons, and I've got my soigning all honed to perfection. I'm ready to sing my soign song! Bring on the gladiators!!!


But I don't speak spanish!!!!
Quick, what's that language lesson thing they sell on tv, I guess I better get started!!


Just found out!! The next FFF town meeting is 4 BLOCKS FROM CATHERINE'S HOUSE!!!!!! She have to be our representive for the Inane Asylum!


OK THERESA, now I am not anonymous anymore!!!!!


I can speak a tiny amount of French if need be, though I don't think I'm ready for "race radio" yet.


Oops....sorry about that Catherine, I was just SO EXCITED!!! If it makes you feel any better, I'll tell everyone where I live!!

Better yet, charge me for any additional sercurity that you need, Catherine!

susie b

OH BOY! And Oscar thought he was "stressed" before! (Did ya'll see the most recent Oscar interview,#2037...? lol!) And do you think it's a done deal with that Austrian team for Jan? Besides Floyd, there are few others I'd rather see in my Gladiator team kit!

And Matt, would love to have you as team trainer - as long as you get that "Energy Field" under control. Maybe if you focus, you can make it be like a FORCE FIELD & protect all "within" & just cause havoc to those outside the "safety perimeter"... And won't FLORIDA be glad to see the BACK of you! Oh, & way to go on the laps! Maybe the bananas & Powerade is your "special power meal"! Keep that in mind for your Century... :)

BTW, I think we girls have a "psychic connection" going with Lance - black shirt & black jacket while on the Conan show last night & yes, he looked Hot! Both he & Conan were funny.

Camille - I'm SO sorry, but I didn't get to see the AI guys last night, except for a little of Sanjayah & I agree with your assessment. MOVE OVER Simon! The Texas Tornado is ready to take your job! I do plan to watch at least half of the girls tonight so we can chat tomorrow along with the other AI watchers here!

catherine - Tell Floyd I'll keep sending him money as long as I keep winning in the Lottery. Been working so far! :)

And you know, I've been thinking about the "weight" problem of my team's kit. But, nowadays, faux fur is looking really good, so good faux leather can't be far behind! Of course, can you imagine what that will feel like in the 100 degree French heat? SPARTACUS will LIVE AGAIN unless I can solve that little sartorial problem....!


Hmmmmm.....this is sounding more and more like a well thought out plan each day LOL! Wait - doesn't Tom Boonen have a prime spot on the team? Didn't he inspire the Gladiator theme?

Maybe Matt will have to travel to where the OTHER teams are training....

You're right. The guys were much better on AI this week (thank goodness). I still don't have all of their names/faces matched yet. There were several with some really sweet, clear voices.

Camille your soign song made me laugh out loud at work :)

susie b

You're right JD, it's a good thing I wasn't drinking my Diet Pepsi when I read Camille's "Soign Song" reference. It would NOT have been pretty...spit-out DP everywhere! lol!


Susie, don't forget that gladiators often fought in very minimal attire--sometimes little more than a loincloth (at least in some of the movies I've seen). That considered, you have a few more options vis-a-vis kits for varying weather conditions (and degrees of crowd titillation).

Soigneusement yours,

caninus lupus

susie b

OMG woofdawg! You're right! The guys will only "leather-up" for photos, team presentations, podium finishes (of which there will be MANY),etc. And maybe for a few of the "cows & castles" stages. Just have to convince the guys that riding in loincloths will be "SUPERFAST"! And as an added benefit - no more "farmer tans"!

I see a position in management for you woofdawg!


Well, in order to be superfast, shaving down a la swimming will be "de rigeur." Obviously a task that can be aided by the skilled (and oh-so hot)soigneur/soigneuse team.


Ok you guys, cut it out, yer makin' me sweat! Er, I mean become dewy....


Does anyone know any people in Chicago, that would be going to FFF event? I mean besides Catherine??


OK..I broke my AI viewing thing (or should I say NON-viewing thing) and watched the women tonight...(actually it's still on)...Melinda just sang, and IMO (not knowing who else is still to sing) no one is going to beat her! Man, she was GREAT! She is the real deal, the total package...(this comes from my EXTENSIVE AI knowledge!)

You ladies REALLY crack me up! Camille...your soign song is a RIOT! And if you all are game for Susies TEAM, then so am I! Sure...I'll do the training...AND I can help them w/ their nutrition and such...I'm a WIZ at that! Why...just for dinner last night (after my 2 mile swim) I whipped up a half a can of Corn Beef Hash, a pile of tater-tots, and 6 fried eggs on top...mmmmm! Now THAT'S riding food!!! (it's also bachelor food...stuff I eat on the it's easy to make, TASTY and quick!)

And the gladiator outfits...well, hey: use KEVLAR!! Light, strong...serious MODERN armor for WARFARE on the Thoroughfare! What self-respecting Peleton would dare go out without his ROAD ARMOR after Susies team makes it standard issue? Imagine how hard you'd have to crash to get hurt wearing armor! GH would be just fine right now if he'd had on the Gladiator Kit when he crashed the other day! And talk about bumping and jostling in the peleton! I think TEAM GLADIATOR would have the rest of the teams in mortal fear! (Oh...did I mention that part of the 'kit' would consist of cat-O-nine-tails, short-swords, AND Mace's...and I'm not talking about the spray...I mean the heavy spiked ball on a chain!). Sure it weighs a lot, but when T.G. hunts down a breakaway, they REALLY HUNT THEM DOWN! Then they pummel them into they don't (CAN'T) do it again! Ride on T.G.!


Oh..and I only did a lowly MILE tonight in the pool..kind'a my soign song...tomorrow is my last day, going out to eat for dinner...pack up, go to bed early as have to be on the road to Orlando by quarter after 4 (AM)..thats gonna hurt. But good to be going home..

And hey..if you all can get me the scheudle of where to go (to jinx the OTHER teams training) I'm all for it! Just call me Schleprock! (flintstones??)


Matt, you pegged it just right, Melinda was the ABsolutely BEST one tonight, by far. I actually didn't like her last week, she must have had a bad song, and she looked really awkward moving onstage. But tonight, I looked away so I could be more objective, and she sounded inCREDible -- a Beauuuutiful tone and smoothness to her voice. Everyone else sounded "EH" to me tonight, even Lakisha sounded average. But the 2nd runners up, for me, are Lakisha, Jordin and Stephanie, otherwise the others should all go home tonight! I think they just all had an off night. Susie? Hope you didn't miss it, but if you did, you didn't miss much, except Melinda!


OK - Susie - I just about lost it at the phrase "leather-up". THATS a keeper! "Time to Leather-up, boys, for the team presentation" - I can hear you making the announcement right now LOL! Woofdawg comes up with a handy save to the problem of the heavy attire. Why didn't any of the GIRLS think of loin cloths??? Matt's kevlar suits would cover the really tough days! We're SET for the Gladiators!! The men of the peloton will soon be battling it out just to be considered for a spot on your well-equipped (and Bad a$$) team!

I did get the chance to see the AI girls tonight and you're right. Melinda rocked! I liked how Jordin sounded, too. Some of the others were either trying to hard or just extremely nervous, I think.

Theresa, I'm debating whether or not I can get to the FFF in Chicago. My brother-in-law lives there. I'd LOVE to be there.....have to see if it will work out or not! BTW, my OTHER brother-in-law lives in Branson so maybe a visit in the fall for that TT would be in order?? :)


Oh, JD, that would be GREAT!!
And maybe we should warn Floyd about our plans with the Gladiator team? That way, he can be all prepared!!

I never thought of a loin cloth! All I see in my head is Tom Boonen in that outfit!! And I don't have to try very hard to come up with some riders in my head!
Sort of like the picture of Brad Huff I sent around in his "daisy dukes" cutoffs!


You might be right! I'm sure he'd want to start training with heavier gear right away (maybe save info about the mace, swords, etc for a later date, though). Boy, if that's not enough to motivate him with his defense plans for his case ....I don't know what is!! LOL


Hey ya'll, I'm sitting here in my hotel room (business travel isn't very glamorous- I had room service- I'm not much of a fan of eating out by myself- besides that I have a lot of work that has to get done regardless of being in the office or not- such is life). After riding an hour on the Life Cycle in running shorts, the thought of riding a bike in a loincloth is less than appealing (at least as far as the rider goes)- but think of the fan appeal factor!. You crack me up with the talk of Kevlar and the cat-o-9 tails. The punishers would be respected for sure. And as far as being the roving team race reporter, if you can tolerate my rambling style that sometimes focuses too much on the details and sometimes misses the big stuff- sign me up!!. One last note, although MD really pissed me off a while ago (although I really enjoy his books), his last couple of columns are making progress toward forgiveness (at least to me). He's just another frustrated parent/ athlete/ human being trying to cram 10 lbs of life into a 5 lb bag. I really liked is tag line yesterday though- Keep pushing... always. Forever Forward. It works for me!


GregC, a lot of us took the last couple of posts as a sign of "apology" from Marty. Except Matt. He says, not good enough for him.

Have you noticed Ms Susieb started posting again?

Maybe there's some creative way of putting chamios in/on a loin cloth....that's one of those details that has to be worked out. We don't want our riders getting saddle sores!!


Okay, I went looking for Oscar's interview, can't remember where it is. I went to DP and look what I found;

it's really neat, for Jan fans.

susie b

You have to have a dream... & my new dream is to be able to repeat the following phrase as often as possible : "It's time to leather-up boys!" You're right JD!

I do worry that if we tell Floyd about our plans, he will take out a restraining order on us...

Other than that, I think we're set!

And I agree with everyone on AI. I watched all & Melinda was the best. Basically, everyone except Lakisha, Jordin, Stephanie, Melinda, & maybe Sabrina, should head on home just as Camille says! I was a little disappointed with Lakisha, but really only because there was no way she could match last week. "Midnight Train to Georgia" is ok, but I wish Lakisha had picked a different song. Plus, no one can really top Gladys Knight & the Pips version ("I got to go, I got to GO, I GOT TO GO!")

And yes, I have started making a few comments on MD's site after his Monday post. I do feel a little "performance anxiety" there as I'm still not sure what he wants in the comments or whether I could or would want to do it. GregC, I also took MD's recent post as kind of an apology or at least, explanantion. Of course, I could be completely misreading it. I mean, I was so shocked with THE POST, that it's clear I don't understand him entirely! (Matt, even if you don't comment, Marty is still such a great writer that you miss out by not reading. He recently referred to the UCI as a bunch of "onanistic bureaucrats". Priceless! Not one person mentioned it in the comments, but I was dying. Can't decide which is funnier : the phrase itself or the fact that I doubt anyone in the UCI knows what 'onanistic'!)

I do feel very happy HERE. I love reading Sara's posts & the insights both she & Cathy can give us about the cycling world. And I love chatting with everyone & will continue to do so til Sara kicks me off!


Susie, it's funny that he just used that word onanistic. I had just told some friends in an email last week that my marathon was one big coitus interruptus. I should have said it was an exercise in onanism. I actually just now looked it up -- ha! Yep, that's a pretty good description of those UCI bureaucrats:)

Greg, you are so right about MD trying to stuff 10 lbs of life into a 5 lb bag -- I like that! And he's just a normal flawed human being like all of us; I think some of us expect him to be all things to all people. No one can live up to that kind of standard. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I seem to remember that line from a lifetime long past. ANYway, what a beautiful day we have here and I already got my run in before it got too warm. Hooray! TTYL, comrades in leather...

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