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February 21, 2007



Sara, that was Catherine, I think, worried about the kids.I'm afraid my schedule doesn't allow for American Idol. But you know what! Sheryl Crow watched it when she was doing radiation for her cancer!!

Thank God, if I had to deal with that the rest of the week I would have had to take a pill.

The roads into Sacramento were nice and wide. Did you hear about the racer that ran into a fan? He crashed again later in the race. I read it on the play-by-play on the Amgen Tour site. I have the feeling that he was having a bad day, trying to stay with the peleton!
Gotta go over to the contest at Paceline, Thanks, Cathy!!

susie b

Yes Sara! Those sprint finishes are almost "pee your pants" worthy! Of course, if one of our faves "Lightnin' Bug McEwen" was there, I think he would have had his way! (That's the nickname I use for Robbie as he's lightning-fast AND small & darts around like a lightning bug...). But you're right Sara, JJ's comments were classy.

Aren't the crowds just great?! What are the crowds like at the Tour de Georgia? I wish Versus would show nightly segments on that race too!

I do wish there was time on the Versus coverage to get more into the "behind the scenes" stuff & more on the riders. Don't the cycling honchos realize that one of the reason NASCAR is so popular is that it is a "Soap Opera on Wheels"?

This is what I would like to see : a 2-3 week USA Tour scheduled at the same time as the Vuelta that would offer a $1 million top prize. I think it is ridiculous that a "Grand Tour" would only offer a top prize of $30-40 THOUSAND. Sure, the Vuelta has the "history" now, but the only way an American Grand Tour can get a foothold is to basically PUSH one of the existing ones out & money is the crass way to do it. What do ya'll think? And yes, to bring this "masterplan" to fruition, it looks like my "imminent" Lottery winnings will have to get involved.... Man, I'm just churning through that dough! There is a problem with the scheduling in that it would go up against the beginning of football season... Hmmmmm, have to ponder on this some more.

Sara - I always watch the AI Hollywood rounds & then start really watching when they get down to 12 contestants. I think I may watch the "girls" tonight though. I was SHOCKED that they cut that last girl last week! I thought she was one of the best of the bunch! BTW, did you know that girl who was picked to perfom with Justin Timberlake at the Grammies was cut in the Hollywood round! I thought she did a great job, so it definitely shows Simon doesn't know everything!

And speaking of pop music. Does anyone else find it funny that a guy in his 20's should be singing :

"Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down...
Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me".

Hey John Mayer - stay the hell OUT of MY journal!


Have you been to MDs site yet today? The plot thickens (approaching the consistency of cement me thinks) about the Floyd saga! Very interesting indeed......

How can Floyd be SO calm through all of this?!?! I'd be going ballistic on someone! Unbelievable!!!

Good race yesterday -- Team CSC is rockin.

Susie, it would be fantastic to have a major USA tour over here. I hope that lottery pot is ENORMOUS so that you can get working on all of your plans :)

I love American Idol, Sara. I'm not sure exactly what it is about that competition, but I get hooked every year.


Sara, I'm pathetic right in there with you! I love American Idol. I missed the first hour last night but I have several favorites, not sure which I want to win yet. Next week I'll try to have some definite names for you.


Susie, re: the John Mayer lyrics, maybe he's talking about gravity keeping him down on the ground when he'd rather be flying? Or the "serious" meaning of the word gravity, and he just wants to have fun and be happy? That's the way I see his meaning. But only The Shadow knows....

susie b

Oh I know, but those lyrics (verbatim BTW) are HYSTERICAL when you think of all the women of, ahem, a certain age saying the EXACT same thing! (And yes, count me in that demographic). I have a radio at work which I mostly use as "white noise" but they've played that song 6 times(!) in the last 2 days & I paid attention to the lyrics this morning. While it was playing, I started to laugh (while on hold with Verizon & boy were they confused when they came back on the line...).

Hey Matt - just so y'know. IF Marty actually beats (cough) Lance in the NYC Marathon, you won't have to bother confessing, as I'll KNOW you were there!
(Not that I don't think Marty is a fine runner, but Lance is, well, LANCE!)

Britney update : she checked herself into Rehab yesterday & checked out today... Seems she's confusing Rehab with a hotel, as this is not the 1st time she's done that... Observing this girl's life the last 2 years has been like watching a slo-motion train wreck... You see it happening, you can't tear your eyes away, you 'ooh & ahh' cuz it's just so spectacular, & it is just sad to see the devastation.

And Theresa! YOUR head shaving was an awesome show of solidarity! I doubt Britney knows the meaning of that word. Don't know what your tatooing meant though... :)


What I would like to know is, if Floyd is proved innocent, can he then start suing them all for incompetence, loss of income, damage to reputation, etc?


What I would like to know is, if Floyd is proved innocent, can he then start suing them all for incompetence, loss of income, damage to reputation, etc?


I don't know what my tattooing meant either! Except I've been hanging around some thirty-somethings, and everyone has at least 1 tattoo. My is one of my cats.
On my calf...That's something you don't see every day!! I know several women who got tattoes on their 40th birthday, or boob jobs. I'm just a late bloomer!!lol

susie b

One more thing (sorry, I AM hogging today, oink,oink).

GregC- don't forget to write up your TOC observations! We can barely wait!

Debby - I would think "yes", if Floyd wants to spend the next 10 years in court. Part of me wishes he WOULD do this, just to make all those people begin to feel just an inkling of what Floyd & family have been living the past 7 months & will NEVER truly get beyond... as it WILL
"leave a mark".


Okay, I read Marty's post! WOW! Not, that I didn't think things were being manipulated from the beginning!

Let's get that Tour of USA going!! Susie, you are right, money will bring them over! And you know who could do it? LANCE!! He needs to give his influence to the sport of cycling in America!! Europe has been polluting itself, and the upstart US needs to get involved. Although, please, Mr Bush, NO MORE WARS....we are talking sports!


Okay, I just checked out the "legs" contest at Paceline! Cathy, it's not gonna be easy. But, gotta give the old college try!


Damn, I knew that there was a stench--just couldn't figure out the source. Who woulda thunk? As my dad would say, "they're so crooked they hafta screw their socks on."

But I don't know if the "Team America, World Police"(f@#* yeah!)is the right approach. It's not as if we don't have a little dirty laundry of our own--and we're certainly not making many friends out there in the world by throwing our weight around. (And we all see what kind of results boy George is getting.) The closest I want to see him come to cycling is riding his MTB around his ranch where he can't hurt anybody but himself. Sorry to get political, just can't keep my left coast attitude to myself sometimes...

At any rate, vindication for Floyd would be sweet--and one can only hope that the folks at UCI somehow get what's coming to 'em.




Susie b- Its killing me but I'm only going to be able to attend the Saturday stage- between that 4 letter word that starts with "w" and family stuff, its just not happening this year. hey- I cant even find time to watch the T of C coverage on Versus (or whatever the heck they call themselves this week)- but I have all the coverage being recorded on my DVR (which ranks right up with the invention of sliced bread and brake handle shifters in my book) to be watched this weekend. The time trial in Solvang (stage 5) would really be awesome to see how fast a human can make a bicycle go- next year I'll be there!

Oh and by the way, MD's smoking gun theory on FL being the pawn (or urinal or kidney stone) in a bigger power struggle is awesome. I look forward to more info coming out as his (FL) case unfolds (or implodes as the case may be)

In another note, I'm reading an awesome book called "A significant Other" by Matt Rendell about Victor Hugo Pena, a domestic for Lance during the 2003 T of F. It’s a lot more technical than most of the other cycling books I've read (he actually talks about tactics and strategy of cycling- as well as the personalities), but it really describes nicely what life as a domestic and life of a professional cyclist is all about. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys professional cycling.

In my last note (for today) it’s a good thing Matt is still in Fl and not back home potentially sabotaging the tour as passes by his turf. (just kidding of course)


On another note.... here's a yahoo article that is interesting enough in it's self ("What Scares a Man?"
), but check out the comment section! Oof, makes me even more happy we can converse in Sara's blog!

PS I can't find the Bob Roll comment (during ToC) about Floyd's situation, and I can't find the "legs" Cathy posted on Paceline. I'm starting to feel like a luddite, and I'm the one everyone at work comes to for computer/internet help!


Catherine, I read those "15 scariest things" to my husband and he only related to about two of them (not seeing our kids grow up and the paycheck-to-paycheck one). I always have a problem with articles whose basic premise is that the author can speak for all members of his/her sex. That's just silly. This guy sounds like he has fairly young kids. I bet he'll get all new fears as he/they get older.

Y'all, after all my anticipation about the ToC, I was falling asleep watching it at 9 last night! I swear, as J.J. Haedo was heading for the line, I was straining to focus my nodding-off eyes to see it. Tonight I'm DVRing it and I'll watch it in the morning, with coffee in hand and not sleepy, sounds like the ticket to me!

True confession, speaking of Britney: I started my big 30 lb. weight loss and exercise plan the morning after I saw her on... I think it was the Golden Globes? in October of 99 I think it was. (this was of course right after my FIL dissed me so badly, was that same week) It was the show where she danced wearing almost nothing, with a snake around her neck and she had abs of steel and she grabbed her backside for the camera and squeezed it, as if to say, "Check this out!" And I thought, Damn, I wanna feel that proud of myself....

Poor Britney. Yes, and her poor babies. I feel sorry for all three of them. It's kind of hard to feel sorry for "K-Fed", though. I heard Britney has checked in and out of rehab about 4 times this week. Well, I give her credit for going back, but... ay carumba!


Greg, work really gets in the way of life, doesn't it? That stinks -- you'll have to give us an in-depth report on Saturdays race. Thanks for the book recommendation. That sounds like one I'd really enjoy. My husband will groan if I buy ONE more cycling book, though he always is eagerly awaiting them upon completion so that he can get his hands on them!

Like your dad's quote Woofdawg! Glad you're here!

That is one scathing comment section that Catherine pointed out - Yeow!

I'm so torn between wanting to follow the ToC online and wanting the suspense of seeing it later tonight....what to do....what to do....


Yes, that ol' W@#k' thing keeps getting in the way of fun stuff...dang it would be good to be RICH! (whoever said $$ can't buy happiness must have been quite wealthy & not WANTING for anything if you ask me!) I'd sure like to try though...just waiting for the lotto (like so any others)...and life goes on as best we can.

Catherine, Camille... I read thru that list (scary things)...and I also can only relate to a few of them...I'd personally have to put "having to ask directions" in the top 5...and that didn't even make their list! (or you could just make it "having to ask for help" it covers a lot of territory! Ever watch 'Home Improvment'? It's something like that). Also...they should add 'fear of clowns'..thats something most guys won't admit but deep down, we all know its true!

Greg...we will have to hook up for the Solvang Century (I'm afraid I will be sorely in need of someones wheel to stick to, after going the entire month with NO RIDING!) If you don't mind pulling me for 104 miles that is...I did get in 45 laps at the pool tonight though...doing what I can. Aerobically I will be ok..but I think the 5000' of climbing will really hurt. But mark my words...I WILL finish...even if I have to put my bike on my back and crawl! (well, let me quantify that...I WILL finish IF I, if it's decent weather..unlike last year!) Also..too bad you can't make the ToC TT in Solvang on that was my dream to see. I even rode almost all that circuit the week before I left for here (scoping out where I should be to case I decided to avoid the crowds at the start/finish).

And Susie...the tour of the USA would be awesome...only there is so much ground to would be awesome if they could expand on the ToC and make it longer (MORE STAGES!!) There is just SO MUCH Awesome terrain in CA! Redwoods up north...lots of nice mtns, flats, deserts, coastal...we could EASILY host a grand tour! (but most any large state could also do that!) And have SO MUCH more terrain than we do even...could have a Tour of Canada a few weeks either before or after the ToC! and then move on and do a Tour of South America! Make 3 NEW grand tours...we (as in THIS side of the water) could totally take over the GT's! YEA..thats the ticket!! Who's with me??

I guess I will hit FL's site to see whats going I am enforcing my moratorium on MD's site...and woofdawg..good to have you over here! to raise some havoc over here on the east coast...


where to start?
Well, woofdawg, that's not just west coast politics; but my state is so red, you've got to be in KC or ST Louis to find blue!!

We could do a tour that is US/Canada-west coast and east coast and the middle part where there really is a lot of us!! That's 3 GT, without even going to South America yet!! But man those mountains down there, Columbians can CLIMB!!
I've got to write down the book, it sounds great!! Pena doesn't get enough fanfare.

Greg, at least you get to go to one stage!! Of course, I took the whole week of the Tour of MO OFF, vacation days!! And I'm volunteering for at least 2 stages, did I tell you guys already? Stage 2 finishes here in Sfld, and Branson is the ITT. I could even help at the start in Lebanon, but let's see how many hours this turns into!! I have to have my beauty sleep!!

Vindication for Floyd would be soooo sweet, even without the financial pay-back! I don't think he and Amber want this to go to court for the next 10yrs and make lawyers rich.

Catherine I'll help with the "legs contest" Bob Roll comment might be on the ToC site. Or let's ask Bitch Kittie! I'm afraid I have to check the internet, or I'll bust! I don't get to watch til midnight!!


OMG, I just read the commentary on the Amgen site!!! I won't spoil anything for anyone, but I'm THRILLED!!!!


Holy crap, just watched the last 20 miles of today's stage. "Dropping the hammer," indeed. Pretty mean tempo by Mr. Leipheimer on the climb--and over the top in the big ring. Pretty solid stuff.

It's encouraging to see Floyd being interviewed, especially after the way OLN dropped him like a bag of dirt after the TdF. Suggests that the legion of believers is growing--especially in the media.

Had a great track workout tonight, got a beer and bike racing on the tube---life doesn't suck.


Woofdawg, I'm with you! What A Stage!! Jens, Levi, and Chris!! The play by play said early with the 17 in the breakaway, Levi wanted help from Lotto, and Chris grinned and said NO. Then he sat on Levi's wheel up that mountain!!
They all put the hammer down, And Jens is AWESOME!!! I'm a card-carrying CSC fan club member!! What a man, and WHAT A TEAM!


It's weird to have Jacob Piil and Michael Barry on T-Mobile! Of course that makes that team MUCH better; but they were on their respective former teams so long!!

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