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February 25, 2007



Bravo, GregC! Great report!! What a day. I only saw one shot of George after the race, he was sitting or leaning on his bike, Levi was looking for the team and when he saw George he hugged him. BUT I could not see what George was doing.
GregC., I hope you can send us a picture or two; your daughter and Bobke is cool, I'm sure! I can just see Levi riding around, and fans running behind him. How cool to be sooo close. I'll get my turn later this year, in Sept.

I didn't read Paceline last night..I can't believe George broke his wrist, and rode that stage!! My God I wonder how much it swelled! He KNEW that is was a important stage!! When I broke my wrist, I drove myself to the nearest urgent care, got my Percocet, and went home and groaned and suffered, and then tried to figure out how I was going to get out of my sports bra to put on pj's! George is UNBELIEVABLE! I know riders have riden with broken wrists, and Stuey O'Grady, rode in the TdF with a fractured disc in his back last year. They are the ultimate athletes.


Thank you GregC for such wonderful "live" report. I really enjoy hearing about the feel of a race curbside, gives it more depth. I can't thank you enough! Thank you Sara for posting it for us!

A thought, for those of you that have done both, do you miss a lot when you see a race live? Is it lonely to sit on top of a mountaiin not knowing whose where & doing what? Certainly sitting at the finish and still being able to watch the race on the big screens has to be a really close "best of both worlds" - no commercial breaks, no editing the action down to 1 hour... I started to fantacize about going out next year, but then started to think about the logistics....and realities of following a race. Marty makes it sound ridiculously easy.... Anyone?


Thanks for the great report, Greg! I'd love to see a race live -- and Theresa has started to get me psyched for the Missouri race -- if it would work out with our schedules. Yeah, Marty even makes the TdF sound easy. BUT, even he has admitted that his press pass is his Golden Ticket for achieving access and experiencing the tour.

I just read that GeorgeH had surgery on his wrist and a plate put in this morning! And Cyclingnews said
"Johan Bruyneel was under the impression this morning that this would keep George out of the spring classics. Riding cobblestones with a newly healed break would certainly be painful."

OH NO! I feel sick for him...


George will be soooo disapointed about missing the classics this year. After last year's crash!

I'm going to find out how easy it is to follow around a race, and I'll keep you all informed! And, it's roads that I'm familiar with, too! But right now, I'm planning to be by myself, but you never know, who might end up in the car!! Floyd, maybe? IN MY DREAMS!!!


Very sad about GH...dang, the spring classics are HIS best races! (I personally can't IMAGINE riding on cobblestones...for even a few hundred yards..let along a few dozen kilometers! and thats with NO broken bones!)

Greg...awesome reporting! Good to know we have 'backup' for things like this...I figure Cathy is QUITE busy with her job...and it was very nice of you to give Sara the day off today! (and MUCHO-Thanks Sara for posting it!)

So's over...Levi took home the title...good for him! Hopefully it's a sign of things to come! Nice to see DC working so well this early in the season....looking strong going into the classics! Gonna be an EXCITING season!

Did my 55 laps in the pool tonight...hopefully 60 on tues...And another week is past and I"m on the HOME STRETCH here in FL!


Okay, darn it, now I can't find the "legs" contest!!


I just find it unbelievable that George not only rode the rest of the stage, butpushed the pace up so hard. Do you think knowing he would be out of the next stage gave him motivation? Intellectually I get it, but I couldn't do what they do. There aren't drugs strong enough!


Hi Catherine,
Your question about attending a live race is one I've debated. Its sort of the same question about attending any live sporting event- you have a better perspective from the TV- the benefit of multiple cameras and knowledgeable announcers, but being there is a rush. I get to tied up taking photos to sometimes take it all in. The US perspective of multiple laps at the end in my mind really makes the event more spectator friendly- unlike waiting for hours on the side of the road for 20 seconds of the riders flashing by. My advice- by all means its worth it.

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