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February 20, 2007


susie b

Gosh! I'm so depressed that DZ is already out of the race! I couldn't tell from the TV coverage exactly what caused the pile-up, could ya'll?

I'm also kind of mystified that they are giving the same time to most everyone. I thought they only did that if the crash was within 3 km. Are the guys who finished in the 1st bunch ticked, thinking that because it's a US race, the officials wanted to keep Levi in the leader jersey? Hope not! I am happy though.

Also, I thought Rasmussen was badly injured late last year in some accident & he would be out for months! Did I hallucinate again?

All I can say about California in Feb after looking at the scenic race footage, is I hate all you people even more.... :) Ya'll deserve a little earthquake now & then. Just to remind you of Mother Nature's wrath & how the rest of us "poor folk" live.

Cathy - hope you're living it up! Yeah, yeah, I know you're working hard too! Anyway, I wanted to watch the tape last night to hear Paul Sherwin's comments about Floyd again so I could tell you correctly. After a little taped video segment on Floyd & how he's fighting the Test results, the camera came back to Phil, Paul, & Bob. Paul said the thing he didn't like about THIS particular test is that "it is so ambiguous...not like the test for amphetamines, etc which is black & white". He said the testing was "sloppy & has not been clear-cut" & that what he "doesn't like about the whole thing is that we will NEVER have a clear answer". (I took this to mean that the T-test is still not absolute,etc).

Matt - you don't have to read MD' site but know that he has decided to CHALLENGE Lance in this year's 2007 NYC Marathon after all (goaded by Larry). I pledged some money for the LAF (which is in WRITING to Chris Brewer at The Paceline - who seems like such a nice guy by the way) WHEN Lance beats Marty's 10 yr-older butt once AH-GAIN. So, I need YOU to promise to stay the heck out of NYC for the whole week & weekend of the Marathon! Yeah, yeah, YOU may not REALLY be causing all those weird things down in Florida, but you do seem to be the Typhoid Mary (Matt) of "cosmic disturbances". So, HELP a GIRL out! And oh, the fact that this will make "L" have to take back what he says about Lance & he'll squirm like a worm is NOT a factor at all!

And a HOWLING hello & welcome to woofdawg! And yes, I have to say it, QUITE the "erudite" addition to our little chatfest. I do have to tell ya though, I did NOT abandon my recent competition...I am winner by default! The other guy conceded....oh so sad. Guess he just couldn't PUSH it to the limit... :)
I, on the other hand, have been told once or twice (or 100) that I can "push it too far"... :)


Sara, I got the impression that Dave crashed earlier...I may be wrong, but I think he was on his way to the hospital when the Big Crash happened. But Christian crashed to, but he was okay, needed a wheel change, but his body language was,"I'm pissed" when he got up and yanked his bike up.

The crash was caused by something on the road. I think it was something metal, and now, since I slept I can't remember who the first rider was the went down. Nothing like shots of butt cheeks from ripped lycra as they all tried to catch up!!

Anyway, I not sure that Dave's crash was his fault...he said he didn't want to push as hard this time, but I don't think this is what he wanted either!!


Indeed, DZ crashed about 40 miles from the finish, and was not involved in the bug pile-up.


Some of the guys thought it was "hometown" pressure that forced the decision. But, Half the field was involved in that crash!! And, so I can see why they went ahead and gave the same times. It's like on the Mountains, when 1/2 the Peleton is behind the time limit, they increase it, so we don't lose a huge amount of riders on on stage.


Hey, thanks for the info pommi! Nice job on the prologue and FFF reports, great pictures, too!

Sara Best

Ya, looks like you guys are right, DZ crashed long before the big pile-up. Thanks for the clarification.

See, that guy does have issues with staying upright.

Maybe when you fly that fast it's hard to avoid hitting things.

susie b

Oh Matt - Can't remember if someone else already mentioned this, but I just saw on Versus' website that they have VIDEO CLIPS of the TOC. You won't have to wait til you get home to see some footage!


But, Dave crashed with another rider that wasn't hurt. We have to give Dave credit, he's doing better and better with the "random crashes". I think he's always had someone else involved with crashed from last yr! Poor guy, the crash from 2005 TT, will dog him forever!!

But,what I was going to say , was, Yes, Susie Rassmussen had a bad crash and broke a leg I think that ended his season last year.

Oh, the wind!! That's what I was going to mention, that WIND would have blown me back to SF!!


I thought someone said that because the end of the stage was three loops around the town, and since the crash happened in one of those loops, that's how they could justify giving everyone the same time. Although Levi finished the race with the seat of his pants ripped off, his left cheek looked relatively smooth...not that I notice those things of course :) And what a nice quote from him after the race. Also, Rasmussen apparently broke his FEMUR! OUCH! It's amazing that he's able to ride after an injury like that.


Aaaahooooooo!! Welcome Woofdawg! Camille you do have the touch.

And Pommi, who are you? Have I been asleep at the wheel? Welcome too.

susieb, bless you. I am ashamed to admit it but I didn't watch last night. I have a very good excuse (kinda like a hall pass?) which I won't bore you with since it has to do with my usual line o' work -death- but now I can see what ya'll are takin' about!

susie b

Sure-sure-sure Amy! None of we girls notice these guy's butts...rivaled only by swimmers I think! :) I wonder what it must be like to be pedaling along knowing that your ass is hanging out for the world to see in HIGH-DEF color, forever on youtube if REALLY spectacular... Plus, it must "physically feel" kind of strange too, although maybe it's "freeing", out of that spandex-lycra, swingin' in the breeze...

And Amy, I meant to tell ya - brrrrrrr, running in 10 degree weather?! Wonder Woman! Those 'Tough Guys' have nothin' on you! I get a chill just THINKIN' about it!

Speaking of cold. Matt, I have to ask. How did you get INTO the pool the other night? You see, *I* have a theory too about types of people - those that inch into cold water in the shallow end, slapping it on their legs, arms, etc to "get used to it" or those that JUMP right in at the deep end. I spent 14 summers at camp, where in August the "mountain-fed stream pool" got downright freezing (we swam between 9-11 am). I was a jumper. Couldn't dive in though or you'd have a massive headache the rest of the day...

BTW Matt, LOVED your 4th category - the "ones that didn't even know something had happened". They must be the ones who always answer every question with "whaaat?" :)

susie b

Totally off-topic, but why oh why is Britney Spears trying so desperately to take over Anna Nicole Smith's crown of Most Pathetic Messed-up Female Celebrity?

Anybody know if Britney visited FLORIDA in the last 10 days? Hmmmmmm? Anybody? Matt?


LOL! Yes, that's it! It MUST be Matt's doing, because she is completely losing it...

I feel sorry for her little babes, though


Ok, I have to say my piece.
Oh Catherine, Pommi has a blog, and he's a cool dude, went to the FFF function in SF. TBV had a link to him Sunday night or Monday am. I'll have to find the link. He even had his picture taken with Floyd!!

Ok, as professional cycling Fans, we all know that Levi would have no trouble making up 5 minutes. And how cool it would have been to have one of our young domestic pros in the golden jersey. BUT, that didn't happen, and I think some people that make hasty judgements should just chill. Does anyone remember the MESS from Paris-Robauix?? That also showed favortism to Tom Boonen, he and the guys he was with went thru the train crossing before the thingy raised up! And 2 discovery riders got disqualified, plus someone else! The officials SCREWED UP. But no one had to go on the podium with their butt cheek hanging out! In fact, I don't think there was a podium except for Fabian!!

So I'm just making a point that just because this is a US stage race, does not mean we are the only race that has decisions that cause some confusion....
Okay, back to regular chatting! I have to go pretend to work, I still have technicians in the building, besides drivers!!

Cathy Mehl

Hi everyone! Only a sec to say hi, gotta dash off to the BMC event hosted by Andy Rihs with FL being there as well as Davis Phinney. One of FL's bikes will be presented to Davis--too cool.

I made up a contest on Paceline that you ladies will LOVE: Look at Those Legs! It should be up on the site later tonight and you will be happy to see some gorgeous DC legs that you need to match to the rider they belong to! Have fun!


Geez, Cathy's job is sooooo glamorous and exciting!! I think it's neat that Andy Rihs and FLOYD are going to be there for Davis Phinney's fund raiser!


Oh, I just remembered, I read that the Quick Step bus was fan central yesterday! Everyone wanted to see Paolo, and they crowded around waiting for him to come out of the bus! Don't you think that's a nice way for his first visit to the US to go!!

Karsten Kroon went down in the crash that DaveZ was in. He got x-rayed, but was able to start today. Dave had a concussion, and they were afraid he broke something in his wrist. Thank God, he's okay, but disappointed.


OK Susie...
#1: yes, I'll TRY to stay out of NYC during the marathon.. (MIGHT have had my fingers crossed when I typed handed of course!)
#2: I am a DIVER! NO POSSIBLE WAY I can edge into the water slowly...too many years on swim team (a lifetime ago)'s painful but less so if you make it quick (kind'a like when you rip a bandage of my NON-shaved biker's gonna hurt either way, but quick is better!)
#3: re the 4th category...they DO EXIST! In droves I think! (sometimes it feels like most of the country...if you know what I mean...not to drag politics and such into this safe-haven site).
#4: thanks for the heads up on the Video on Vs website..just havent' had time to look (too busy checking out Sara's post!)

And to JD: I ALSO have to wonder what in the hay is up w/ Brittney whats-her-name (Im a rich dumb-ass celebrity and have so much money and social status that you should all just pay attention to ME). I had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do w/ her cheese sliding off her cracker...though if I DID, sure wish I could repeat it on demand..I'd focus that baby on the REST of HOLLYWOOD for starters...getting kind'a tired of all the prima-donna's thinking they're so much better than all the'little people'!

And last but not least...Another great day in the ToC!! Get this post in the wind, and hit paceline and Velo news (and Vs) up on things..then bed d do it all over again tomorrow (such is my life on the road..when I'm not out brain-toasting the celebrities that is)


Matt, I think Britney Spears is some kind of singer...and she shaved her head and got new tattoos. I DID BOTH of those things this year!! I shaved my head for my friend with Breast ca and I got a tattoo for my birthday!! But I'm not raising kids, or rich, I'm a middle aged woman, who's not married and has a bunch of cats!! Now who sounds crazier??????LOL


Just checked out the l'Equipe website to see if they're whining yet about yesterday's official's decision. Youve gotta figure that if anyone's going to pitch a fit it's going to be those guys. I better not get started on THAT topic or it'll end in an episode of Tourette's. They did say that Brown's margin of victory was a whopping 4 cm. Nice. Haven't seen today's yet although I spent the better part of the afternoon at Cycling News' website. Sounds like a good day of racing--hope it's available on demand at Comcast.

Sara--nope, that's some other hound at the Bicycle Group thang. Probably a few of us pooches out there...

Since I just jumped in, could somebody tell me what's Matt's 4th category? I'm intrigued.

Night-night to all you sleeping east-coasters.


Woofdawg, Matt was talking about getting things down. On the "Red-headed German" post. Sara said that when we were uninvited to "chat" at Marty's blog, Sara started this one for us. He said" there are 3 kinds of people; those that get things done; those who watch what happened; and those who wonder what happened! He added a 4th: those who are unaware that something happened..." Pretty good, huh?

I'm pissed at the NHL! I can't program my DVR yet; so I just record the program at the time it says on the guide...HOCKEY has run over into the Race, last night and tonight(10min tonight) and I missed JJ pulling out to win the stage!! I was screaming, sort of like a bansee! Not pretty...I checking on the Hockey for tomorrow night, but, crap, since I can't remember how to program TIMES, I'm just screwed, and it's my own fault....bummer.:(


Theresa - it seems that Versus is a bit developmentally challenged in the scheduling department (not that I don't appreciate them covering the race)! I found two different incompatible program schedules for Mondays race and I almost turned off the TV when hockey just kept going and going last night. GRRRR

Sounds like your clipper party and tattoos were well planned events....I think maybe NOT so much where Britney was concerned! I'm glad you shared that though - I'm getting great mental pics of everyone :)

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