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February 23, 2007



Sara, I believe I speak for all of the strong, independent, athletic, educated, well read, professional women who frequent this site, when I say...WOOHOO! WHAT A BABE! :)


Okay, just read quickly thru my paper, and I say an article where the judge finally ruled on Anna Nichole's body fight.
He's letting the guardian of the baby decide. The judge was crying he anounced the decision. He hopes she will be buried in the Bahamas, but apparently the body is discomposing so fast that they had to have a decision. Just thought you want to know....

susie b



Amy, I know you are referring to Bobke, no?

susie b

Theresa - You apparently have a life &/or are far too smart to waste you time watching that bastion of television journalism : Entertainment Tonight. Which has become, for the past 6 months, the Anna Nicole Smith Show (yes, ever since her son died). A couple nights a week, I sit slack-jawed at what this program puts on the air. Last night's show was COMPLETELY about that court case & we saw the judge BREAK DOWN, sobbing! Now, I have seen a lot of court decisions on TV the last 10 years but I don't remember a judge EVER doing something like that, especially for this kind of case. I think the guy is cracked. Which in its own sick way, means he was the PERFECT judge for that case.

And why on earth can't someone stick a swab in the baby's mouth & get the parentage settled once & for all?! I am absolutely convinced that everyone involved is deliberately drawing this out so they can stay on the freakin TV.

I used to LIKE Entertainment Tonight! But for the past couple years, it has made the 'National Enquirer' seem classy. Seeing how far that show has fallen & what it has become is a bit like running into one of the prettiest girls in your old high school & realizing she's now a hooker...

susie b

Almost forgot! Here's my pics for who will win the Oscars :

Helen Mirren
Forest Whitaker
Jennifer Hudson
Eddie Murphy
Martin Scorsese - director
Best Pic - toss-up between The Departed & Babel

Your turns!


No need to apologize for lust, Theresa. I could happily go on at length, singing odes and elegies to lust. But instead, I'm going to go to swim practice, and if I get there in time, I can watch the end of the UW women's swim team workout!


Okay, time for bed! I had a good day off, no surprises with the Tour, except Jens is unbelievable, not perfect form, body and bike moving around, all that energy and STILL under 30minutes! But he said Levi still needs to watch out for him, cause he still a danger to Levi!!

I have to get up with the roosters tomorrow, when I work Sat I have to go in at 9am (sort-of). talk to ya'll tomorrow!

susie b

Hey all! Couple things. Wasn't Levi GREAT?! And yeah, I was still humming "You're gonna love meeee..." while I watched him churn it out. And wow, Jason McCartney! That was unexpected & fabulous! Still wish DZ could have been there though.

BTW, did any of you read the article before the TOC where some of the Disco boys were more, ahem, "honest" about their feelings/thoughts about Ivan joining the team? I was shocked when I read it a few days ago as I thought the "agreed company line" was to be all PC. Plus, the fact that these guys said this right before the TOC was also quite the surprise. It wasn't dagger-like, but Levi did state that he was "disappointed" that they hired Basso, especially with "the doubt about him remaining" (e.g. OP). Then George was quoted as being "surprised" that he was hired. Again, not "BAD", but still kind of shocking, to me anyway. Makes me wonder if they really are "one big happy family". Also makes me wonder how Ivan is taking these remarks. I have to give it to Ivan, he is out there working for Levi this week.

Let me just say I would pay big money for an unlimited-access, non-edited video diary of "life on the Disco bus" during this year's TDF..... :)

susie b

Oh, one more thing! And I'll write this again Monday in case Matt doesn't see it!

GUESS WHAT?! Guess who was actually in Miami, FLORIDA on Feb 13 & 14? That's right - Ms Britney "cheese off her cracker" Spears! Matt, Matt! When will the carnage end? Actually, the fact that you live in California is suddenly make all those stories of "nuts" in that state over the years make sense! Where did you live before CA, Matt? I'm gonna do some investigative digging... :)


Susie, did Levi's face tell all when he was in the starting box or what? He said he was thinking about not letting his team down, but you KNOW (and he wouldn't admit this to us of course), but you just KNOW that he was thinking, hire Ivan Basso because you think I can't win the TdF, HUH?! Think I can't do it, HUH?!!! I'll show you people! I'LL SHOOOWWW YOUUUU!!!!!!" He looked angry, like Floyd did in Stage 17, he looked possessed, and it wasn't the face of someone just not wanting to let his team down. It was Great. Go Levi, you have what it takes, you just have to get mad -- I know how that feels. The mind can be the greatest weapon of all, if the body is ready.


Levi was just AWESOME yesterday! You're right, Camille, when I saw that shot of him in the starting box I just knew that he was going to win, no matter what. He's really justified all of the support that the Discovery boys have given him this week, and I DO think that he feels like he has something to prove to them. He had his "Lance Face" on! I really would be interested to know what is going on this year behind the scenes with Basso. It was surprising that Levi talked about how shocked he was when Basso was hired -- not surprising that he feels that way, but sort of surprising that he said it to the press. He did then make those highly appreciative comments, specifically about Basso, during his interview about the fantastic team support he received a couple of days ago. Interesting dynamics, no doubt. It makes me wonder how things will pan out between those two during the rest of the season.


Maybe Levi and Ivan will bring out the best in each other, sort of like Lance and Jan.


Camille, since Lance and Jan were competitors o different teams, I imagine the dynamic was different. These guys are competing on the same team, so wouldn't that kind of piss them off? My uninformed read was perhaps it was decided everyone would support Levi in the ToC (which Ivan et al, seem to be doing) and then they'd "support" Basso in TdF. A plan certainly, but I'll be interested to see if that happens.

Another guess I had about Basso's sudden appearance was that Lance's "friendship" in past TdF (mentioned a lot on past Cyclism's) with Ivan played a big role in his being brought on. Do you think? I can't recall if Ivan had a lot of other offers at the same time, remember someone mentioned, but could he have been a bit nervous about getting a spot considering the climate and his close call? Could Lance have taken advantatge of that? I am not even sure how much say Lance has, I would assume a lot. Does he even have a title? (see how informed I am? I depend on you guys cause the cycling sites put me to sleep. I'm so post-modern lazy you'd think I was a tech-gen).

BTW, Cathy can you gently suggest to Bob to get a better hair cut? I really like him and it just looks awful! I thought all cycling guys went for the military close cut look (except for some of the Spanish and the French hotties). He doesn't have enough hair to wear it long. Plus it's just a BAD cut. Yeah, like my opinion matters. Maybe he's got a bet going, or won't cut it til the race is over, sorta like in baseball and a winning streak. Maybe, hey maybe he's supporting Floyd! Im sure FL would prefer cash, but hey....


Catherine, I was jumping ahead mentally to their pecking order in the TdF. I know Ivan is working for Levi now, with the theory that Ivan is saving himself for the TdF. Okay, back to watching the ToC coverage...


Sort of surreal to watch the riders in the ToC enjoy a beautiful sunny day as we're being absolutely buried with ice and snow here in the midwest :)

Its turning into a suspenseful race!!!


Okay, I'm home from work, and haven't cheated on the race. My DVR is recording and I'd like to watch it all at once! Yeah, the "LANCE FACE" only now it's the LEVI FACE, I knew just looking at him in the start box, that he intended to win! If they had ruled differently in Santa Rosa(don't you know they'll still be talking about that when it's over) Levi still would have gotten back those 5 minutes. Plus everyone but Jens and Jason, lost time in the TT. Even Jason Donald! But he did well, Team Slipstream has a good TT rider on their team!! I wish Chris Horner rode better, but it's just not his thing. Yah, I remember the interesting things that were said about Ivan, Johan says everyone knew that it was a possible hire, BUT! Ivan has taken a low-key approach, letting Levi and George be the STARS! I'll tell you, I went to the CSC fan site last night, and there were some unhappy campers...Happy because the team did so well, and Jens in particular, but some of those CSC fans are not crazy about Discovery!! I feel the competition, but because I really like some of the riders and the history of Disco, it doesn't bother me as much. But it was funny to read! I think any other team could have won ahead of Jens, and it won't have been as troubling to some of the Danish fans!!

And, Susie, to find out that Britney was in Florida, this month, really puts a spin on Matt's energy field.....:)


Poor O'Grady, he looked so dejected! He worked so hard!


Man oh MAN am I chuckling after reading thru the comments! My Energy field...Theresa...I like that! Susie...I moved to CA (from Hawaii) on Sept 11th, 2002 (yes, the ONE YEAR anniv of that horrible day...planes were nearly empty and we got a great rate! So I guess anything bad that has happened since then is my Energy field having it's way with the world. (maybe I should be looking for the X-men?? Disaster Man...hmmm...)

And ladies...just a thought here (on the hiring of Ivan Basso)...MAYBE..just MAYBE...he was hired as a MOTIVATION for Levi? (and IF this were they case, they SURELY would NOT tell him that)'s like a sports team...any type of have your 'star' who maybe could be playing you hire some who is a THREAT to his job...if that doesn't motivate you to work harder and be better, nothing will! MAYBE Levi actually IS the man at DC and Ivan was hired to GIVE HIM the Lance/Levi face! Just my 2 cents never know. I was also very shocked when they hired I figurd Levi was THE MAN and was pretty stoked to see what he could do with TEAM DC working for him (including LA...behind the scenes). I actually think he would have a shot at TDF! (especially if Ivan IS a smokescreen/motivation). So...we shall see how the season plays out.

I was VERY impressed/stoked to see how well he did in the TT yesterday....and holds the lead after barring disaster tomorrow, it should be a wrap for him..WAY TO GO LEVI! Ride like THE WIND tomorrow! An EXCELLENT way to start your new season/new team...with a BIG WIN!!

OK...only 5 more days to go here! (I fly back HOME on Friday...whew..been a long trip...working 7 days a week, 10hrs a day, be good to get home to the wife and babies (our 3 dogs). AND My bikes of course!!!!

And hey..I did 50 laps in the pool last night...working my way towards 2 miles before I leave...50 laps = 2500 I'm close! Still adding 5 laps per swim, which is every other day. Arms a bit sore this morning...(no pain no gain).


Way to go Matt! YOu are making good use of your time away from home (outside of the work stuff I mean). And, your analysis of Levi/Ivan makes perfect sense!

When Levi is angry, he really does look like Lance. They do have similar facial structures.

BTW, I went back and listened to Lance's interview, Theresa, you have good ears. The comment blew by me the first "live" rendition. He really does say everyone was worried that the public would lose interest when "an American didn't win the tour.. but that didn't happen." Man oh man, what was he thinking?.


That is impressive, Matt. I don't think I could swim one length of the pool without hyperventilating, much less 50 laps! After a ten hour work day...sheesh. I need to learn about your energy field...did something happen before I joined up? Is it your fault poor Brittney shaved her head? Please fill me in. Catherine, I do love Bobke...I just don't get the urge to WOOHOO when I see his picture :)


Gosh, I wish I'd been working that hard on my fitness!! Yes, Amy, I agree, Bobke does not inspire WOOHOO! even tho he's very loveable!!

Matt, your idea does make sense, except that's a lot of money to spend to motivate someone that probably isn't making the same...but, Levi may just change that, with that motivation, and prove he IS worth that much money!

Today's race was awesome, and Stuey was awesome!! AND JJ is awesome!! Team CSC is just plain GREAT!!! Did you see them all together after the stage win, the guys were dying, and JJ was bopping Stuey on the helmet, as Stuey leaned on his bike for support. I just love them!

But, I was really scared something happened to George, I know Tony was okay, cause he scrabbled off, but God, if George misses even part of the classics season, I'd be really depressed. See, I love George, Tony, Jason, and Levi. Brian Vandborg came from CSC, for crying out loud! There is some mor e guys I love, but I can't remember which ones are still on the team! Johan and Bjarne are both great; but RIVALS to the 1st degree! Then there's the new T-Mobile, and Quick-Step.....and Thor!! Okay, I can't be just a one team kind of girl...

Oh, Amy, Matt has been in Florida since right before the astronaut went nuts, then Anna Nichole died in FLORIDA, and something happened to a NASCAR car(rocket fuel or something) anyway, we've blamed Matt for ALL of it!!
It's time that he went home to his wife and babies!!

Now that I've written my Sat. letter to ya'll, I'll sign off, for the moment!


Matt, you're a big George Hincapie fan as I remember, right? (unless that was Greg who said that, I can't remember) And Theresa, you said you are, too. He was so brave today. I guess you guys saw that he *did* break his wrist, and won't compete in Long Beach tomorrow. Bummer! But imagine the pain in a broken wrist, pushing on the handlebars all that way! I guess in aero position it wouldn't be so bad maybe, but still... what a trooper.


WOW! What George did today was amazing........with a broken wrist?! I hadn't read that until I saw Camille's post here and went to the Paceline. He is so incredibly dedicated!! Does anyone know what that means for his spring races?


JD, come to think of it, in aero position or any position, the pain would be a really bad throbbing and you'd just want to sit and hold it, not even have it dangling but certainly not with any pressure anywhere near that bone. Imagine all those hours for over 100 miles, dealing with that and controlling your bike and not getting in another wreck! WOW is right! He's a warrior. And near the end he was right there in the front of Discovery's train, leading the way. Yowza!

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