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February 19, 2007



Congratulations to Camille! My husband's friend gave him a great piece of advice when he first started racing: finish and don't crash. It sounds like you did that with superhuman strength yesterday, and you should be very proud of yourself!

My husband and I are still mucking around on the internet trying to get coverage of the T of C. I appreciate all your updates here! TBV has some good info today too.

You all probably already know this, but I am so excited I have to share anyway: Saturday April 7 is the U.S. Open cycling championship in Virginia, It is supposed to be broadcast on NBC Sports (Is this regular NBC, or a separate channel?). If this all happens as expected, I am thinking we might have to have a TV party, a la the Superbowl parties people have. If I remember correctly, Velo News said it would be the first time cycling was broadcast on a major network in over ten years. Definitely something to celebrate! Hopefully enough people will watch so that we can encourage them to broadcast more of the races.

JD -- I smiled when I read what you wrote about hearing Phil Ligget's voice making the season official. There is something about Phil, that when I hear his voice, I know all will be right with the world, LOL.

susie b

Camille - I also think you're AWESOME! BTW, thanks so much for your assistance by posting the "I can't CHAT now" comment on MD's. I was going NUTS that I couldn't post anything Friday afternoon! I really DID wonder if Marty was trying to give me a HINT! lol! It actually worked out for the best as I had the whole night to "refine" my thoughts... :) But, ummmm, a DRAW?!! I'M blowing off my 6-shooters & twirling them into my holsters... :)
(Oh ok, I'll say it. Lar's not so bad overall...)

Theresa - what can you tell me about Jason Donald? Whenever I hear the name "Slipstream" I think of you!

Do ya'll think the "continental" teams really focus on this event as it is NOW really THE big cycling event (TV & otherwise) in the US. I would think any good results will help them more than the European-focused teams.

I got choked up watching the segment on Floyd. HE SHOULD be competing there too! I'm SO glad Paul Sherwin had the balls to say what he did! Way to go Paul!

I was disappointed there was not an interview with DZ. Did I miss it? I taped the whole thing but clicked over to watch something else for a few minutes.

JD & others who have said this - yes, I'm really liking those Disco kits now. Gotta say it - they're SEXY!

And Matt - I KNOW you were at Daytona, causing trouble. HOW on earth did you get undetected rocket fuel into Kevin Harvick's car? You ARE the sly one. Also, don't know if you still read MD's blog, but you HAVE TO PROMISE ME that you will STAY OUT OF NYC this year the entire week & weekend of the Marathon.... Pleeeeze, pretty please?!

susie b

Oh & Theresa, I listed some of the REAL lyrics to "Not Ready To Make Nice" in my comments on Sara's "Move Over Donald Trump" post. Unlike what I used to do on MD's site when I threw up lyrics, these are not altered. Did'nt have to...

Cathy Mehl

Camille! You are rockin' girl! Congratulations!

Greetings from ToC where I am heading straight to the finish in Santa Rosa. As Levi said it should be off the hook when he rides that DC train into his hometown. Be sure to check out Jason Donald's comments on the cycling sites--this was his first pro race and he got second! Beating DZ, Fabian and others! He was very humble and awestruck, and will be very popular all week. It's so nice to see new talent emerging on the US scene.

Also went to a fundraiser for FL. There wasn't an overwhelming crowd, but okay, and hopefully all the money was straight to him. He's such a nice guy, when I see him and talk to him my heart just breaks to know what his life if like. Geez, I feel an editorial coming on....FL will also be in Sacramento tomorrow night for the BMC team presentation with Andy Rihs and Davis Phinney. Andy will be presenting one of the two bikes FL rode in the TdF to Davis to auction thru his foundation. I wouldn't miss this for the world, and you just got the scoop because it hasn't been announced the FL will be there! Well maybe it has now...TBV was also there--don't rat me out on the announcement!!

And fill me in on what Paul Sherwen said...won't see the tv coverage until I get home in a week, but would love to know what he said.

More as I can! The weather is looking spectacular today. I love my home state!!


Dang, Sara, you got me with tears down my cheeks on that one...

Susie, it takes a big person to admit seeing someone else's side, and I agree with your new assessment of Larry. I can't help but enjoy someone who's talented with the written word. And he is, and so are you! And that's why I get a kick out Matt, and his ENTHUSIASTIC ALL-CAPS reports :D and from all the rest of you. I can just feel the personalities coming through and it's really very fascinating to me. Like watching flowers unfold in fast-mo. Except it's not quite that fast.

I'll sure be glad when tomorrow morning comes and I get to join in with you guys on the ToC talk!


Okay, Cathy just answered the question about Jason Donald. First year pro, and to come in second, MUST BE AWESOME! He was first til the last rider, Levi, the man with plan, for the TOC!!

I'm so thrilled that Floyd is going the be at the BMC event! That means a lot.
And Paul Sherwin basically said the truth about Floyd's situation, right on TV; And I'm glad he said it too.


Oh, and Susie, it wasn't a draw, you won, Larry gave up, and I'm glad you feel better! because it was pretty entertaining!!


Sara, your interview is great! Ryder's got a good head on his shoulders, and I hope he has a good season! I didn't realize that HealthNet had only 16 riders! Damn, but they get results, it's quality, no quanity!


Nice work Sara.


PS If anyone wants to seriously make T shirts that say "the Inane Asylum" on the front and "the GLadiator Team" on the back, I'll be happy to cntribute and help get them printed. Do ya think Hot Pink would be appropriate? Nah, cool lime green like Sara's site. We could even send one to Marty (and Larry if he's nice).

PS Cathy you have the coolest job!


Sara, that really WAS a good interview! You ask good questions and I think that's really a skill, right on the spot like that. You have definitely found your niche. Very cool, I'm impressed!

And Cathy, thanks so much for your kind words this morning and I'm excited about maybe seeing you on TV? starting tomorrow when I get Versus! My sister used to live in Santa Rosa, she said it was sooo beautiful there. Another sister lived in Malibu, and my grandfather lived in San Diego for 25 years. Poor me, I've never lived there, but I've been there and yes, you are lucky!


OK. Now I know the routine:
-check MD first (it has been last since three weeks ago, almost forgot to check til just now)
-then check Sara (has been first since the new year or before?)
-THEN check email. Damn, no wonder I didnt get what Camile was saying!!!!


Nah, I like surprises, and coming her first is the Best ;-P


Hey Camille, can you get woofdawg to join Matt over here? I think we could use a little men-o-paws....(oh, boy that was baaaad)


Hey..for the record...I DON'T do ALL CAPS...just SOME CAPS...

Another excellent DAY at the, sure can't wait to see the Vs broadcasts my TIVO is saving for me.

Camille, I felt so overwhelmed by YOUR efforts yesterday that I went out tonight and did 40 laps in the pool (2000 yards)...cold and all! Hate for anybody to think I am a slacker! (thanks for the sympathy vote though Theresa...I still do agree that 50 is TOO COLD to swim outside...but ACTUALLY, it really wasn't THAT BAD..the water felt pretty warm once I got that far...leaving only the 5 minute walk to/from the pool as the de-motivating factor). And I do admit I feel better after forcing myself into the effort.

AS to the happenings over at MD's site w/ Susie and Larry, well dang, I haven't 'been over there' for a while now..(he DID say "I expect to lose about half of you" or something similar to that in THE POST...which I took as a suggestion..or a desire I obliged him. Hey...I'm only one viewer, but I can and do vote with my feet (or in this case, my mouse). So now he's got ONE LESS viewer from around the world...but I'm VERY HAPPY here in this kinder-gentler (and WAY MORE FUN) site of Sara's. The latest crop of posters is really great...and things just keep getting better and better!

Catherine..oh pink...count me in! (NOT!!) I'm thinking Paisley!


Catherine...AAAAACCCKKKK! That WAS bad!!! (speaking of 'paws' though..did you hear about the 3 legged dog that went into the bar? He sad "I'm looking for the man who shot my Paw!" YUCK YUCK YUCK...I just crack myself UP!


Matt, you've got to go back JUST to read Susie's post, friday and Sat!! And Camille,Catherine, and I threw in a few comments too. But you HAVE to read Susie's post which has a big WARNING: CHAT BLAH BLAH!

I want a T shirt!!! Ok, no pink just for the guys, and I do like this color green, I have a couple of shirts this color.

I invited Woofdawg personally, and he said maybe, sometime when he has the time....I took that as a brush off, but you never know! I just wish we could contact Yvette. And we know TBV reads us! Best place to get mentioned in the blog world!! As far as cycling, that is. Maybe Camille could be more convincing, she has a way with these guys!


Matt, you are a riot!!!


Catherine, I just emailed Woofdawg (just clicked on his name, 'tweren't no magic trick) and "invited" him over to our swangin' shindig.

Matt, I didn't mean to cause you cold pain! I sowwy! I can handle cold water if I can get out and be in the sun, but you're tougher than I am. My pool's water (at... you know... the Lance Inn) is just barely cool, and that's just right for me. But it's an indoor pool. How are your rotator cuffs handling the swimming? When I suddenly did a lot of swimming I used to get shoulder pain. But I think you've built up slowly, haven't you.

Hey, I love your SOME CAPS! Or I wouldn'ta said anything about it. You keep cappin'... it's SO MATTish. :)


Under the Gladiator Team we need to have Sara's blog address.....

Camille, I told you, you have a way with guys, has to be that blonde hair!!!


5 minutes to T of C! (in my time zone)I don't have to work tomorrow, so I get to stay up with the big kids. Matt, you have to check out MD's site for Susie B.'s post and to see the shout out to our marathon woman, Camille! TV time, see you later....


Theresa, I did it before I saw that you already had! I wouldn't have otherwise, you silly git!


I cheated, I looked on VeloNews around 7:30 cst...
Big Crash!! Graeme Browne wins the stage! Levi holds the Slipstream gets in the breakaway!


Camille, I emailed him last week, before the big showdown; or shout-out!! So, he needed another invite.


Nice interview Sara! Ryder has started off well -- I hope he has a good week. There would be a bit of pressure being thrown into that leadership position right away. Sheesh! There are just too many great guys to cheer for!

OMG - that was quite the crash at ToC. I hope that DZ is OK. They said he had a head injury? He seems to have some really tough luck. not only made the title of Sara's page today but got a nice shout out from MD, as well! All of that effort was not in vain!

Debby - glad I'm not the only one entranced by the Cyclism ;)

Glad to hear from you, Cathy. Your report did really bum me out though (again) about the whole Floyd saga. That whole situation is so astoundingly unfair! I can't imagine being there, wanting to ride, and instead holding fund-raising meetings and defending yourself to people over and over again. I just feel awful for him...

Matt, I LOVE the CAPS :)

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