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February 22, 2007


susie b

I'll get to cycling in just a minute, but I just gotta say "LAKEEEEESHA"!! She did'nt just BRING IT, she brought it, gift-wrapped it, & smacked a big feakin' bow on top! Gave me CHILLS! I've loved that song since I 1st heard Jennifer Holliday belt it out & then when I saw Dreamgirls at the National Theatre in Wash,D.C. about 20 yrs ago. Sure, I've heard it LOTS of times since, but it is rarely done justice. And last night we saw JUDGE Lakisha Jones! Whooo-eeee!
"And I am telling you, I"M NOT GO-ING!....
No, no, no, NOoooooo!
You're gonna LUVVV meeee!"

Cosmic coincidence? Serendipity? You decide. Last night is one of the reason I love television. We're still humming along with Lakisha when LEVI brings the song to life. Yeah, yeah, all the politically correct stuff was said when Ivan joined Disco, but if the TOC so far has not been Levi's "You're GONNA LOVE ME" to Johan, the rest of the Disco boys, & to everybody else, I don't know what is!

And how awesome was it to see Chris Horner up there with Levi, gunning it up those hills?! And Theresa! I thought of you the whole time while watching Jens grin from ear to ear. This guy always seems to have a big, fat grin on his face so how can anyone NOT love the guy!

And speaking of grins, I knew Sara would be grinnin' when I saw that Ryder was currently sitting pretty in 7th!

Pretty damn fine night all around, I must say!

susie b

Oh & I forgot to say how thrilled I was that Floyd was on TV being asked about something other than "doping in cycling"! Hurra! And he seemed SO happy too! The fact that it was on Versus DURING the TOC is happily shocking!
Looks like Vs is "Ready to Make Nice"... Maybe they read MD yesterday morning...


Susie honey, you're *bring'n* it this morning, is all I got to say! I liked Lakisha too. I liked her little sideways steps she did for emphasis, and she DID hit that note at the end! I was just about lockstep with Simon on his estimations of everyone last night. Simon has really grown on me and I've started anticipating his digs as the songs go on. I knew good and well he was going to tell that girl that she was NOT "SOOOO SPECIAL!" Oh man, she really set herself up for that one though. And when are these people going to learn that Celine-type ballads don't usually go over well? R&B and upbeat soul are the way to go, most of the time.

Now I've got to see if I can figure out how to play the cycling I DVR'd last night! Ohhh deeeear....

susie b

I also forgot to say how FINE "our own" Man in Black looked as he talked briefly with Bobke! Camille - you may have to sit down! Lance was sizzzzlin'. I think those shades were the perfect touch.

GregC - I feel so bad for you! Were you & Matt born under the same "bad sign"? Well, I still can't wait for your write-up for Saturday. I'll be working (again!) which means I may even be able to read it before Monday - yeah!

Sara! Are you trying to get Amber to come lookin' for me?! Amber, listen! Really, General Landis will be LEADING the peleton in MY Tour of USA! It's AFTER the stages that.... no, no, NOT goin' there.... :)


Man, I am proud of myself!! I know that SONG!! I saw the movie! It's a hell of a song, too!
Floyd looked so good, talking cycling! I went to his website and posted a PLEA to come to MO for our race!! He could have a FFF town hall meeting in Branson after the ITT, and of course, KC and St L go without saying!

Heathnet's new kits have me confused. I wonder how long it'll take me to get used to new kits!! Anyway I was proud of Shawn Milne when he jumped ahead for awhile and hammered. They were saying he was wasting his energy, staying out front like that, but the camera was on him the whole time!


Oh,oh, did you see the fan that had a hold of Paolo at the start? He wanted a picture and then Paolo started to move and the guy tightened his grip and gave him a kiss before he let him go! It was a great moment! Seeing that reminded me that we have a lot of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants, and you can find the whole of europe, asia, and even africa, anywhere in the US!!


Theresa, I noticed that too, very European! Plus I 'bout cracked up when Gov Schwartzenneger talked about Paris having nothing on CA. Yeah, right. I love CA, but really.

OK, I know I complain a lot (want some cheese with your whine?), but really, the coverage leaves a lot to be desired! I went on the site, couldn't find the Bob Roll comment, no it was Paul wasn't it? Anyway, I watched some of the race videos; not the clips, the page with lots of snapshots a the bottom and you can click and watch.... No sound, or was it me?


I envy your being able to watch it on the TV! We're stuck huddled around the laptop at dinnertime for two-minute video clips. There's very little actual racing in them, mostly interviews, sigh. If Versus offers better coverage in future, then I'll give in and get the cable.

Theresa, per your comment, I found this article here: and also posted the link on my blog. It doesn't look like there is a race for women in the T of C yet, but they do have something called the Santa Clarita Grand Prix. It would be really cool, though, if there was even a short women's race along with the men's races in the T of C.

Susie: I can't agree with you more on the Tour of the USA! When the Floyd thing first unfolded, I was hoping all our US riders would boycott Europe and stick to racing at home until WADA etc, changes their behavior. I don't know how much of an impact that would make...maybe if the European riders were wrongly accused (a la Oscar Periero) there would be enough of an outcry? The U.S. and Canada have such varied terrain I would think we could come up with some awesome stages!


I dunno Debby. Tour of USA--absolutely, totally, fabulous (and I'm with Sara, gotta have a substantial slice of BC--right before or after the Washington stages). But the US against the Europeans thing doesn't serve anyone well-especially us. WADA isn't so much about Eurpoe as it's about a corrupt, self-serving entity--not unlike USADA--or the USOC or just about any group of non-athletes who make their daily bread from the toil of the perople who actually do the work. (And let's not forget that Dickie-Boy Pound is a Canadian--albeit a discredit to his nation).

And what would happen if US riders said that they were boycotting Europe? The response from Europe would probably largely be along the lines of "fine, see ya 'round."

I'm all for national pride, but it doesn't mean much if you're just taking your toys and going home. Better to find a way to become part of the solution--and right now I salivate over the possibility of Floyd proving to be the first domino in the cascade that brings down the band of whores at UCI.


I know, if you just depend on Vs and don't use the internet, the coverage sucks! It'll be great when the mags hit the stand with all the inside stuff! It was Paul that made the comment on Sunday about Floyd, and Susie nailed it when she posted it mon? tues?

Debby, has inspired me! I'm going to get a Velo Bella kit! Is there anything else I have to do, like send them money? I'll go to the website. And when I'm riding; definitely in a group or charity ride, I will wear it proudly! I want a new helmet, too. Giro has a silver and pink one, Atmos, I think!

And we could have a Tour of North America for that matter! Two or 3 of them!


Yes! great post Woofdawg!! A definite howl for that! You are right on!!


Okay, everybody has to read Michael Barry's diary on VeloNews, today. And the race has started, and I have to empty litter boxes and got to work!! Talk to you later!

susie b

I had never heard of TOC race director Jim Birrill until today, but I LIKE him, A LOT. Why? It seems that Floyd is signing autographs near the finish line of each day's stages & apparently Floyd was concerned this would cause a distraction (well, you know why). But Jim says "you're our reigning champion, I don't see a problem."

Sounds simple. Sounds logical. Sounds like a guy I can admire. Why can't guys like Jim Birrill be in charge of the UCI?


Maybe there will be--as soon as the UCI gets called to account and is ofrced to "take out the trash."

susie b

woofdawg, who do you think is worse - the UCI or the ASO? Every time I think I "have a winner", the other side "makes a comeback". Between doping allegations & the Pissing Contest between those two, how does Cycling expect to win new fans? I know if I didn't already love it, I would never start watching now.

Of course, I also thought Anna Nicole Smith's "reality" show was nauseating...

Imagine if there was a sports show like "The Daily News with Jon Stewart"; shenanigans in the Cycling World could be the sole content... Actually, I'm liking this idea. Just imagining Jon's face as he describes the INANITES of the cycling honchos, is making me laugh already. Move over Politicians! There are new pathetic-funny dumasses in town.


Great idea Susie. I'd also like to see Keith Olbermann have a go at the subject--he would have a field day. And the UCI, ASO and Dick Pound all deserve a turn as "Worst Person in the World." Plus,


Susie...I had to get down 3 or 4 comments before I knew what the hay you were talking about! (I'm NOT into American fact, I'd rather hit my finger w/ a hammer than watch it..and survivor. But then, I also see Kareoke as one of the 7 signs of the apoclypse).

Sara, excellent post (as usual) again today....very cool that your guy Ryder is doing so well! It's GOT to be exciting to have a someone YOU have interviewed nearing the podium.

I sure miss being HOME...was supposed to be flying home TOMORROW (Fri) but that would have been too late to watch the Solvang TT it's all moot point...might as well work. The time here is really flying by, can't believe the ToC is as far along as it is...seems I had been waiting for it to start for ages, and now I'm gonna miss the whole thing!

I also hope WADA gets it's due...but honestly I don't expect it. Their interests are self serving, and they are judge, jury and executioner. Devise their own tests, and decide who is going to do them under what circumstances...and then the B sample is tested by the same exact lab. They have WAY too much power over athletes for any one person/agency. But reform has to start somewhere...and maybe this is the snowball that will start the avalanche and bring them down...I can only hope so.


Matt, put down the hammer! Wasn't it you who said over at MD a while back that you'd rather pound certain tender parts of your anatomy with a ball peen than ride the trainer? Speaking of which, I did 90 min of said "ball peen" torture yesterday, including 4x10' tempo. I was starting to see your point.

That's gotta be harsh, being all the way across the continent, missing the whole ToC PLUS not have your steed to ride. Yeah, I'll bet you're ready to be home...

Here it was a great day to be on the bike--but that W@#$k thang got in the way. So, of course, this weekend I'm riding both days and it's supposed to completely suck. Rain, possible thunderstorms, high of 45. The kind of day when you head out, resign yourself to being and staying wet and just get it done--then have to clean your bike and take forever for your core temp to come bakc out of the basement.


Have you all been over to TBV? Rant? (I'm an addict...). Some potentially amazing news there re: LNDD lab samples.

Sara, congrats to your favorite rider!

Theresa, I joined the VBs as a recreational rider. You sign the form promising not to sue them if you crash, and promise to order the new jersey in March, and you're in. At least, that's what they told me when I signed the form!! I've seen a few VBs here in the vast cycling wilderness where I live, one a very impressive cyclocrosser.

Woofdawg, thank you for clarifying my point. That's what I get for posting when I'm half asleep. You're absolutely right that doing a U.S. or U.S.North America vs. Europe thing would not work nor help anyone. I didn't mean to be about national pride, but about the riders protecting themselves by only racing in places where the labs were reliable. What I wanted to say is that I hope that all the riders will realize with both Operation Puerto and the FL thing that they need to band together and possibly boycott the races til WADA sanctions LNDD or does something to prevent these doping witch hunts. If you have no riders, you have no races. I gather there is some sort of riders' union, but it has no power to affect change in their favor.

Now, if I'm really talking out my ear, just ignore me. :)

Matt, lol about karaoke being a sign of the apocalypse. Our company holiday party had karaoke, in the middle of the afternoon, and it was not a pretty picture. Thankfully I was able to leave early to beat the rush hour traffic...


I hadn't been to TBV since early this morning. And it's been a couple of days since I checked Rant. OMG!!!!! If this is being made public, what on earth could be up Floyd's sleeve? This gets more bizarre, the more info that gets out. And the USADA must be smoking something, asking for those B samples! That Tygart guy is almost as bad as Pound. Although I've never seen any public offical like Pound: I thought politicians were bad....I have no words that I can think of (at this time) to describe what I think of Pound and Co.

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