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January 31, 2007



I can feel the season getting started, and I'm just giddy! This year I decided that a DVR was needed to get me through the season. I'll have installed in time for the Tour of CA! Welcome back Cathy, I'm anxious to read your interviews.
If Floyd is putting all into his defense, then this year should be a different kind of banner year for him. Because he's a winner!! Did I mention that I pre-ordered his book on amazon? That was exciting.
Oh, and I see that Mike Friedman (with the wonderful Team Slipstream) is back to training outdoors, even tho' the team doctor isn't too crazy about it. Young men, sometimes thrive by the grace of God, and not their good sense. And the people that immediately jump to conclusions about drug use, should be pre-judged, to see just how it feels!! Read the FACTS!!


Cathy, that must have been such a BLAST hanging out at Disco camp (hmm...that sounds VERY 70'ish!) about living vicariously...I am SO JEALOUS, and I can't wait to read your interviews! I live only 30 miles fm Solvang, but it might as well be 3000...(the Ol' day-job thing)...I have to save what meager vacation days I have for the upcoming Tour of Calif...I will SURELY be down in Solvang for the time trial (and hopefully in SLO for the finish to stage 4, and then on Sat for the start of stage 6 in Santa Barbara)...I'm a regular groupie now, after seeing 2 stages last year!

susie b

I plan on writing again today but I just need to say "CamiLLLLLE", what are you trying to do? Get me FIRED?! You mentioned on Sara's "Helmet" post about commenting on Marty's site today, so I clicked over to take a look. I'm reading along & it's such a nicely stated piece, but then you wrap up by mentioning "The MAN in the VAN DOWN by the RIVER"!! OMG! Matt Foley - inspirational speaker! Every time Chris Farley would do that character, I would just roar & yes, "almost pee my pants"! So, I'm sittin here at work, surreptitously checking the blog & you come out with THAT! I laughed so loud, my assistant thought I was having an "attack"...!

You should post a COMEDY WARNING of some kind, like those "SPOILER ALERTS" in the TV Guide -where they warn you they will mention some upcoming plot info!

Try to remember we poor office drones...! lol!


Susie, my sides hurt from laughing at you! I swear I'm not trying to get you fired! But it's good to know someone knew what in the HELL I was talking about! Sometimes I hit "POST" and then I think, no one knows what in the ***HELL**** I'm talking about... I'm so Damn RANDOM!!! Oh well, thank goodness you're on my wavelength! That probably whooshed over most people's heads. By the way, I'm going to put the limo people on my speed-dial too, for my husband who always buys lottery tickets. I'll have to ask him if he always uses the same numbers.

Whew, I'm wiping tears away as I speak, you really got me tickled there :D Which I guess means I'm laughing at how FUNNY I was... okay, that's just Sad. lol

Sara Best

You guys crack me up :)

susie b

I'm back & so much to talk about! I have to mention that when I told a friend about my Quest to revolutionize the cycling world with my Gladiator Boys led by General Landis, he said "didn't I know there has never been, in the HISTORY of the world, a Gladiator named 'Floyd'". I said then its about damn time! Some people just have NO vision! :)

Yesterday ya'll were mentioning how tough these cyclists are. So right! I 1st started watching the Tour de France in 1984, a couple years after starting to watch the Ironman on Wide World of Sports. While I was dumbstruck by the Ironman competitors (I don't think they were actually CALLED triathletes back then), I was just as amazed at the cyclists. I STILL can't understand how they zoom along TOGETHER at those speeds & not cause mass chaos every 20 feet! Plus, the riding up MOUNTAINS, which due to a fluke of camera physics, NEVER look as high on TV as in real life! Then there's the FLYING DOWN the mountains! And dealing with crashes like it's nothing ("road rash"? they scoff!). And Matt, you mention Tyler - I still can't believe he not only kept riding & finished the Tour that year but I think he wound up 4th, with a freakin' broken collar bone? Talk about tough!

Speaking of the Ironman; the 1st time it was shown, (81 or 82 if I remember correctly), there was no advance publicity, at least in the Washington area & I only saw it because I watched WWOS with religious devotion... I can still remember sitting & watching with my mouth hanging open. As soon as it was over, I started telling people about it & NO ONE believed me! It was not on the local TV Sports segment or in the Post. Guy friends of mine kept telling me I must have been "confused"!! I must confess the way I described it may have led to that assessment : "1st, they swim 2 MILES in the ocean, then race out & change clothes & hop on a bike & race for over a 100 MILES in 100 degree heat, & THEN, AND THEN, without stopping (!), they run a full freakin' marathon!" Believe me, people thought I was on drugs...

To think that just 20 years later, other events have sprung up to make The Ironman seem almost "tame" is mind-boggling to me. I, however, will never forget my original "shock & awe".


Susie, that's a great story about seeing your first Ironman!


Susie, great story. I can't remember what I was watching in 1982. I do remember the Timex watch that keeps on ticking, tho'!!


Oh, and Matt, you have to hold up a sign in front of the camera, so that we all can see you at the Tour of CA!! I'll let you, Camille or Susie come up with something eye-catching!


Floyd's observation makes me want to cry. A whole year. If he is suspended, will that mean an extra two years on top of it? Sometimes I just don't understand the western world's hypocrisy about what is ethical, legal and right. We demand superhuman performance RIGHT NOW, get bored and move on. We demand rapid gains in our investments, but have a cow when we discover companies are lying and cheating to make them. Quick to judge guilty in the press, no patience for the nuances of how things might actually have happened. All flash and little substance. That's why I love cycling. You just can't fake it. No commercial break. No bathroom stops. No beer (til after). Just some absolutely stunningly beautiful humans going where the rest of us can only watch in awe, but never truely understand.

I just love the fact that Cathy considers herself "one of us." Thank you for your comment about Mr. D getting too big for his britches (not a direct quote obviously, and congratualtions on your interviews; cannot wait to read them. Girl, you are good).

I've written to a couple of you privately about Marty's tiresome "elitism and mediocrity" rambles. I do love the way he writes, and it is correct that we all have little pet peeves...but we don't publish them! My hope is that when I read something published, that is funny and a little irreverant, about a touchy topic I will go "yea, yea I know what you mean!" But I also hope I will gain some insight into the topic, whatever it may be. Don't just provoke me, make me think and learn something in the process!

And Camile, you take open mindedness and diplomacy to a new level. In my circles, I'm usually the one trying to see all sides of the elephant (in the middle of the room). Of course you are absolutely correct.

So, he wants to move his blog to a "bigger platform." That automatically knocks out the intimacy that (right or wrong) has existed on that site for the past 6 months. I think it was rather unique, all of it. If he thinks it will somehow be better professionally to expand and "move up," so be it. Personally I agree with the idea that he should have taken us aside via email and made his request. That's one of the reasons I made my comment about his "bad boy publicist" in a post a while back.

Anyway, so glad we have a new playground and someone else to support on her way up the ladder to success!

Now about those hotties....soooo glad to know I am not the only one "moved" by the sight of a guy on a bike. On so many levels. What could be more masculine? Commanding? Sleek? Sexy? Sometimes when I'm driving to work early in the morning, a pack of them will whoosh by me. Ooooh, baby, gives me the shivers. The idea of having a body that would take the abuse, ignore the pain, keep going forever, really freakin' fast, is just beyond me.

Am I ramblin' myself? Sorry, don't mean to hog or lecture. Really glad y'all are willing to listen.


Oh Catherine, very insightful. If Sara doesn't get so famous that she kicks us off her blog! Then we've got a place to ramble, talk about important things in life, like SNL (I knew someday I'd regret that I stopped watching after the first 3 seasons!), the ultimate athlete, the cyclist, Male and Female!! Plus our man Floyd, the biggest hero in my book!!

And I will be torn if Basso wins the Tour of CA. I've never been shy about my CSC boys, and Team Slipstream, the Disco boys are always up there, because they are the original American Pro team, starting with 7-11. BUT, CSC has big globel headquarters in CA, ..JENS VOIGT!!! That's who would be perfect! Or Bobby Julich! And of course DaveZ has to win the TT. And JJ will win all the sprints!!
I've just decided. Now Disco can make the podium, and George and Levi have to win stages or places, Okay, I feel like a some kind of weird american fan, because Discovery's not my top team anymore. And, hey guys, the new, improved T-Mobile's got some great talent. Including Michael Barry, always the B-team, never the Tour team....well this year he gets to go the the ultimate prom!!

Oh, Catherine, I think that his suspension will include all this time he's been paying lawyers, or close to it. Sara/Cathy, do they start as of the original hearing with saction time?? I can't remember how long Tyler waited before the suspension was slapped on him, after he was suspended from riding.
And I still feel for Jan Ullrich. They are treating him like sh#t. Basso gets picked up by Discovery, after CSC is forced to let him out of his contract. But with Jan, there isn't any more evidence against him, and he can't get a license to race. Poor guy, they don't have enough on him to arrest him!

My God, I've taken up enough space for me tonight!!


Couldn't sleep (3:30ish AM) and was so glad I had all that to read, Catherine and Theresa. You're not rambling in my opinion; kind of feels like we're all sitting over coffee, about to hop back on our bikes and ride, Sally, Ride! I do have a close friend that I get coffee with, and we've done triathlons together. One of these days we should combine the coffee and cycling. In fact, one day we were having coffee (after the exercise class she teaches) and a couple of really HOT cyclists walked in with their clicky clicky shoes (I don't have those), and one was European of some kind. I made sure I was facing them so I could steal glances. They didn't stay long. This is at an intersection where Discovery, I'm sure, goes by a lot (a rural highway outside Austin). But unlucky me, I haven't seen them on that road when they've been here in town. Anyway, it's fun to acknowledge with y'all the sexy side of cycling. It's DEFinitely THERE! I was looking at the pictures of Discovery on the Paceline site (Cathy, enjoyed your writing) and looking at their pictures.... oh man, (pause while I fan myself vigorously)... I LOVE that new kit they have!! LOVE it!!! It *does* have a wetsuit look, and they look sleek in it. A bit like speedskaters maybe, and I love the way that looks.

Poor Jan. They should let him back in, just because he'd pull in so many female fans. I really was super bummed when he got banned from the last TdF, and now, this one too? waaaaahhhhh.... (sniff!)

Was talking with my husband tonight about the fact that we don't get Versus --- and we're going to sign up for it (and all the jillion other channels of course) so I can watch the Tour of California! I'm so excited. And I guess that means I can catch some World Cup skiing, too!


I am surprised that Versus (what a stupid name, sounds like they are headed to WWWville, "and Here, in the right corner, Haaaansoooome Haaaarold!") is still planning to cover a lot of cycling. I had heard they were planning on cutting back after the BIG DRAW:LA was off the table.

You are both absof**ckin'lootely right about Jan. Whether or not LA was just messing with his head everytime he flattered him with "he is the only other man that could win this race," it was almost really true. Why does he struggle so? And why does he powerhouse his way up and down those mountains in such big ass gears? When he's not riding, I can see what a handsome and slender guy he is, but on the slopes he looks like a great big bear. Such faces! What the heck is the poor guy going to do? It also makes me sad that little has been written (here in the US) about him. I'm sure it's a different case in Europe/Germany.

Funny comment by Ripcurl on the M.D. site.....

susie b

One of the things I love about cycling, as a female fan, is that not only is it ACCEPTED to check out the riders' ASSES, NO(!), it is ENCOURAGED! In fact, for the serious fan, it is derigueur! Yes, you can join the "serious" debate of whether a rider is "on form" yet. LOVE it!

As for poor Jan, my heart breaks for him, almost as much as for Floyd. I think he is just a sweetie! A FINE lookin' one too! Great hair (except for those years he sported the "prison look"), & FANTASTIC legs! But, you are right catherine, those faces he would make! I also hated his shades! But then I don't like George's either!

And Camille, "Barbara Mandrell"?! Funny. I have a whole list, starting with Barry Bonds. HATE him! I do not even watch baseball & yet I HATE Barry Bonds. To me, he epitomizes everything wrong with pro sports today. Before the BALCO scandal, the guy treated EVERYONE like crap - journalists, teammates, even family. His egotism & sense of entitlement just made you gag & he absolutely used PEDs. Not only is it very well-detailed in that book, he is a walking advertisement for cripes sake! I also hate Donald Trump, for many of the same reasons, especially the PEDs... :)


Donald Trump is such a...there are no words. And yes, it's everything he represents that makes him so repugnant. I can't look at his poonchy mouth or his "hair" without cringeing. (<--sp?) He's the business equivalent of Dean Karnazes with his stupid Trump Towers and whatever else his name is on. Even his last name states what he's all about --- one-upping the world.

Oops! This is a cycling blog, oh yeah! Sara, we're already doing it to you, brace yourself... okay, back on topic...

Jan...personally, I love the way he looks like a pirate with that earring, and he's got a pirate smile just like Elton talks about in Tiny Dancer. Also, hearing Lance talk about him as his only realistic opponent really gave him an aura of ***worthiness*** that made you sense you were going to watch a great gladiator match, without the blood spilling, hopefully. Knowing he was the one Lance wanted 2nd on the podium, not anyone else, made me want to see it happen. But of course, I never really saw it (live at least) because I didn't have that channel - ha! It would be so great to see Lance and Jan go at it again one last time, and to have Jan really give Lance a run for his money. I could even handle it even handle if Jan beat him. Yes, it's true! I could live with that! Or it would be great to see Jan against Floyd, in the TdF. Or even the TdCal! Oh Jan, you big hunk...

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