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January 29, 2007



Tom Boonen... is Hot.

I resisted saying this all day. Give me some credit.

Sara Best

Yay Camille!

That's what I like to hear!


Awwwww. You are soooo sweet to mention me in your blog! How the heck did you figure it out? Do they have typepad customer service reps to help with tech support? If so that's mighty grand of them. Aren't you proud of yourself for figuring it out?

(BTW, I agree with Camile, he's hot...too young for me though, but aren't they all?)


OK, a reeeeeealy stupid question but I know I can ask here, cause I won't be dissed...I started a spinning class last week (kicked my butt, but I lasted the entire hour and only had to skip a few of the "up-down" commmands-what a nazi) and the next day my (hoo-hoo) was so sore I could hardly walk. This is one of the things that kept me from long bike trips in the past. I sued to go for 1-2 hour trips on the road with a friend, but haven't tried in about 7 years. The seats on the spinners are a littel tougher than the gel I have on my Mt bike.

What's a girl to do? I can deal with the lactic acid fire storm that is to be expected with a new, big push, but dang, my puty is very unhappy!

Also. Those darned bikes are made for folks with longer inseams. Mine is a measly 27-28'. A genetic curse. The instructor tried to lower the seat to mid hip level, but, oops, wouldn't go any lower. Any suggestions, other than suffer through the pain and ignominy? (puleeeeze don't qoute me any Marty-isms)


I would LOVE to have that picture of Tom Boonen on my wall, where I could gaze at it whenever I want too!!

Catherine, regarding spin bike seats; you can buy gel covers for 10-15 dollars to put over the seat. Are you wearing bike shorts? The chamois does help. And as far as bike adjustment, make sure you seat isn't too far back, as long as it doesn't screw up your pedal stroke, the seat can come forward, or raise the handlebars a notch or two. Also sit back on your SIT BONES. I know you'll roll in, and change position, but when you catch yourself ,push back on your sit bones. Also, even tho' I'm lazy about using it; have you thought of Premarin cream? It does help, in the summer I remember better, cause I ride at least 5 times a week, and spin once a week!!

Too bad that outfit isn't the team kit for Quick-Step....:)


Oh, and I don't think Marty would have thought of the Premarin cream!

If I wore road shoes, I go right out and buy a pair of Tom's shoe....what kind is it? I didn't really pay any attention...that wasn't what I was looking at!

susie b

As soon as I win the MD state lottery (with a hoped for minimum of $100 million), I shall start up my OWN cycling team & Tom's outfit will be the offical team kit. Women everywhere will start FLOCKING to cycling events, it will be a revolution! Since I don't own a company, it will just have 'SB' on the front as the offical sponsor name (would stand for "Susie's Boys"...not that I've actually thought about this....)

The fact that my Boys would be dropped before they got 2 miles from the Start (since the outfit would be too damn heavy) is just a little quirk I'll have my highly-paid scientific "staff" work on. :)

I've had a "thing" for men in Gladiator outfits since I was very little. On Sunday mornings (before Church!) one of the TV stations would show these old "Gladiator" movies that were made in Italian but dubbed (badly) in English. I could have cared less what they were saying, I just ogled at their chest/arm muscles & legs in the cute "short leather dresses". Even at age 4 & 5, I had the hots for those guys! Probably warped me in inconceivable ways...

Y'know who would look AWESOME in that outfit? Jan! Even Tom's legs pale in comparison (IMHO)! I've read that statues weep with envy when he walks by...

And in case you're wondering - I've been playing the MD lottery by "subsription" for over 18 years (the same 2 rows of numbers) & my time is near... I can just FEEL it... Actually, I keep "playing" the same numbers because NOW I'm convinced that if I STOP, they will WIN, & then I'd have to jump off a bridge. So it's really just self-preservation at this point... :)

And thanks Sara B for throwing out the Invite to me!

Ohh, this is just too weird! (I KNOW you won't believe it, but I have an assistant & he can testify!) Just as I was about to sign off, PRINCE's Purple Rain comes on the radio. As a Prince fan, do ya think Marty remembers the opening lines? :
"I never meant 2 cause u any sorrow
I never meant 2 cause u any pain...."

Awww, you don't have to suck in your breath & think I'm just wallowing in agony... it's Funny!

Sara - I promise not to go on & on the next time! I guess I just felt "pent-up"...


Susie, you just had all that energy ready to roll out! And you had a FINE topic to comment on.!!lol

Matt can gush all you want on Tom Boonen (he IS a class act in my book...always love watching him out-sprint all the other guys AFTER doing a measly 125 miles in the does he DO THAT?)
But about Kristin Armstrong! Gads she is one fast/strong lady on a bike!! (sorry, but I had to bring up a lady rider to oogle over, injecting some small amount of 'T' here to help offset the massive amount of Estrogen already flowing here...

Sara, thanks for the invite to your new page..I'm kind'a feeling like Marty yanked the welcome mat out from under me on his page...not quite so fun as it was a few weeks ago. Your page seems to have all the things I enjoyed on his site, yet WELCOMING the unpredictable, wild and totally off kilter INANE BANTER! I've FOUND A NEW HOME on the web!!

And you are training for your first century? ME TOO! (Well, I guess training isn't really the right word...more like "I'm entered and gonna do it unless the weather is really crappy like last year". Training does sound yes..maybe I AM trainig!! (Maybe thats why I don't feel so welcome at Marty's site anymore...being as I have a day job and not really in TRAINING for some extreme riding my bike up Mt. Everest or something. I am however already entered in the Solvang Century on March 10th. I also entered it last year (it WAS going to be my first Century) and it hailed and rained and was a REALLY BAD DAY in my book for getting on a bike and doing 104 I invoked the WIMP Clause and bailed! Yes..I know..I'm a self professed fair weather rider! But THIS YEAR I am going to ride it rain or shine! ( better be SHINE!)

Susie, Catherine, Theresa..good to 'hear' from you all again! Good luck with the spinning classes...I am so thankful that I live where I can ride nearly year round...I tried the trainer thing for a few years (was shipboard) and that SUCKED!! No substitute for a MOVING bike..but you gotta do what you gotta do! (check the brain at the door for those stationary miles!)


Ah, Matt, so good to hear from you! I wonder if Sara really knows what she's in for?? :)

susie b

Matt! I'm so glad to see you too! I'm sure Sara wants the male prespective here.... & CHATTING is strictly a non gender-specific "sport"!

I've always meant to tell you that one of the funniest comments EVAH(!) on Marty's blog was when you wrote about the crazy events that were being thought up & you said there would soon be a worldwide race with SHOPPING CARTS & that it would give new meaning to Marty's "PUSHING" mantra... Diet Pepsi almost came out my nose...! (And btw, that's my personal highest accolade for "funny")

Speaking of funny, did anyone see "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip" last night? The scenes between the 'Director' (played by Timothy Busfield) & the Snake Wrangler were so dry/hysterical that I was rolling off the sofa!

And just so I'm not misinterpreted - I was not slamming Marty's "pushing" goal referenced above. Even though I'm still a bit pissed at the moment at 'Mr Dugard', I admire him very much & think striving for one's best is a Good thing. Eventually, I may comment on his site once again, perhaps when I "grow up" (& yes, someone wrote me that), & if my comments won't interfere with all the Training Tales (& btw, where are they? They email Marty instead?? ooouuufff)

And btw, I WOULD actually LIKE to hear about Sara's, Matt's, Camille's, etc Training for your Centuries or marathons or whatever. I just don't like to read it ALL the time in mind-numbing detail. As I told Theresa, I have 20 YEARS of my own Workout Journal/Logs I can bore myself with! (You don't get a lot of "A's" without being obsessive...) And a little personal advice, if you not only log every minute/rep of training, every calorie to cross your lips, but then start tracking b.movements, you've gone too far...ummmm, triathletes are not the only ones with OCD.

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