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January 30, 2007


susie b

Ahh, Floyd! If I wouldn't appear to be y'know kind of stalkerish, one of the very 1st things I will do when I wrangle at least $30 million from the MD Lottery, is pay for ALL of Floyd's defense. And he would definitely be my Team's Leader. In fact, everyone else on the team would be his pick. And just so Amber wouldn't take out a "contract" on me, she'd have a position in management & get to travel everywhere with Floyd. And I'd buy the daughter a horse! (I'd read she went to horse camp last summer). There, that should cover everything!

Well, except I'll have to buy my own horse-obsessed nieces horses too when they find out...

Y'know, I'm liking this plan. I get all these people to wish for me to win (along with me wishing) & it really is just a matter of time! I'm gonna put the limo phone# on my speed-dial & make sure they know the fastest route to the MD Lottery office... :)


They just amaze me! A crash that would put me out of commission for a whole lot longer than a week!! And just for the record, I think their new kits are cool. Didn't Graeme Brown lose 3rd place because he caused Tom Steels to take a dive?

And can someone;(God maybe?) get the USADA to get their butts moving on this hearing?


Of course Congress has already given them money for the year; not that I'm holding my breath for them to do anything....


So...Tom Steels (hmm...having a Steel plate put in his shoulder...coincidence? I think NOT!) goes down in a sprint crash...and is planning on RIDING by next WEEK? Gads..he is such a stallion! In all of PRO Sports, I can't think of a more sturdy, suffering bunch of athletes (that overall aren't very well compensated either..nothing like the prima-donna's that the 'major' pro sports have turned into). To watch them in the spring classics (coming SOON, YIPPEE!) riding in COLD, RAIN, WIND and COBBLESTONES for crying out loud! (we bi$#h and moan about old/rough pavement here where I ride!) The race last year when George Hincape's bars broke off at the stem right when he was poised to win (and he went down hard, dislocating his shoulder)...thats some rough riding! Or when Tyler rode the tour w/ a broken collarbone...YIKES! That makes my skin crawl! I had always thought I was kind'a tough (in a very wimp'ish sort of way)...wont' ride in rain, cold (to me, COLD is mid to low 50's), or high winds...Gee...maybe I should start wearing PINK TIGHTS when I ride! (not to infer anything towards Predictor-Lotto's new uniforms BTW). Guess my point here is how much suffering Pro bike riders do. Way beyond anything I am prepared to do (on purpose anyway). I LOVE to ride...but part of that is having FUN while I'm at it, and if the weather conditions are miserable, whats the point? Guess thats part of what makes WATCHING the pro's ride so excellent!


Matt, you are right! The guys LOVE what they do, or why would they take their lives in their hands to win a race. Although the older they get, I read that Jens Voigt said that he's too old to take some of the chances he did when he was young! Jens has 4 kids! most of the guys are so young they are just married or are having their first babies.(their wives are having the babies, rather).


Sara, didn't see a way to comment on the site, so could you please wish Bitch Kittie a Happy Birthday and also thank her for the 1987 Paris-Roubaix video narrated by Phil Liggett(January 9th posting) of Bob Roll rollin' in 30 minutes behind the winner? Dig those hair styles! What a very cool video, check it out you guys. Talk about endurance sports...


Bob Roll..he is the John Madden of cycling (I personally think John Madden MAKES football worth watching..he is a riot! And VERY knowledgable...been there, done that....player, coach..and he was a lineman too...not a very glorious position in football..the unsung heros). Anyway...back to the Roll-man...I was rather disappointed during last years TDF that they seem to have toned down B.R....and his totally outlandish commercials he did the year before! Those were a RIOT! last years were rather tame..but he is a great commentator! And yes, seeing old video/pictures of him in 'his prime' are quite humorous! BIG HAIR and all!! OLN (ok, I mean Versus..what was the deal with that anyway? I LIKED the name OLN! I can't believe they didn't ASK ME before they changed the name!) has such great coverage of all the major races...and wonderful commentary! And SOON they will be HERE in Calif for the Tour of CA! HOORAY for the start of the season!


Hasn't Graeme crashed a ton of times? Or am I thinking of someone else?

I am back from DC camp now and needless to say it was an incredible experience. You are too kind saying I deserve it Sara B. I loved walking around the hotel and having many of the riders know my name is good! I will have seven interviews coming up soon-ish: Johan, George, Basso the Magnificent, Egoi, Janez, Gianni (adorable!)and Tony C (welcome back!) I even met LA himself and sat across the table from him at dinner one night. Other dining companions ended up being Eki, Benjamin, Chechu, College....

And am I the only one that thinks Mr. D got a little too big for his britches? I love his writing and all and will buy his books, maybe even read his blog, but he's taking himself WAAAAY too seriously these days, methinks.

And Susie B, Floyd would be happy to take your money, no problem! I think I read that his donations = $150K now. I think I will donate again. He needs and deserves the help.


Cathy and all (HI! by the way! :).... I just put a comment on Marty's blog entry from yesterday that expresses some mixed feelings I've been having about that whole "INCIDENT" thing. I feel some of the same loss that a lot you do, but I think Marty just took stock of where he's trying to go, career-wise, and decided his blog's comment section was not going to help his goals. He wants to be a serious author of history books and if he has a "goofy" website, who will take his books seriously, you know? I think he enjoyed it as much as we did, but had to reel himself, and us, back in. He wants people to go there to see his books, and order them. And he wants the talk to center around his own interests. If we step back and try not to take it personally, it really makes perfect sense.

But I know, we all were having a lot of fun. And Sara has been nice enough to say we can continue that fun here. I'm going to try and just look for the best in both worlds. But, yeah, it was kind of abrupt and... disappointing. Still, if I were in his place, I'd do the same thing. But probably not so abruptly. Anyway, life goes on, and it's fun to hear the same fun people still talking here. My problem is that cycling is my area of least, and I mean LEAST mastery, but I enjoy hearing y'all talk about it as well as all the other tangents you get off on.

I'm rambling. But on that note...A toast... to people who like to ramble! :)


One more thing... now I have Steve Martin singing in my head... "I'm a ramblin' man ,I'm a ramblerrrr... oh yes oh yes oh yesss.... OH... ***NO***...


Yes I agree it's Marty's blog and he can do with it as he pleases, and you are right, Camille, it was the abruptness that left the sour taste. It's not as though he interacted with the blog section, so often it took a direction of it's own. He rarely even commented on comments left there! IMO he could have been KINDER by sending a quick email to a few people simply asking them to tone it down and stay on topic. I think that would have been way more affective.

And if you don't know much about cycling you should just sit back and enjoy the pictures....there are some stunningly beautiful men in cycling shorts!! My breath was almost taken away interviewing Basso last week, I kid you not!


Cathy, TRUST ME, that aspect of cycling has NOT escaped my notice! lol
Believe me, whether I admit it or not, (and usually I do)... the visual aspect of cycling races (scenery of both locale and personae included) is what pulled me in. Actually, Lance originally pulled me in (hey, I'm from Austin and he's our biggest celebrity), and then before I knew it, I got all excited about looking at Jan's gorgeous smile, I mean, watching Jan race so admirably. Oh I give up, I just watch it for the hotties. But honestly, I'm into the competitive aspects as well, ...

I'm rambling. But hopefully you got my gist! :D

Cathy, about Marty on what you were just saying... I tried to drop a hint once in one of my comments, that if Marty emailed me saying to tone it down, I would. But he never did. Maybe you didn't notice, but "THE INCIDENT" happened right after Matt and I were talking about installing tile in our houses. Immediately after that, Marty did that second post. I think the "tile talk" was the last straw. At least before, we were going off on tangents that were even remotely sports-related. So... mea culpa. You guys can just blame it all on me. And MATT!!! He started it! :D Whew, glad I thought of another scapegoat.

Oh, Cathy, I got to be about 2 feet from Ivan Basso's beautiful face when he was here in Austin at the Discovery team appearance at a local bike shop. Whew! (*fanning myself*) Gave me the vapors! Actually every one of them gave me the vapors, in their own ways. Just a hot bunch of souls, all in a row. Makes me smile just to think about it.

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