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January 27, 2007



Yeah! Sara, like this one better! Then we can read down, without missing a beat!
Amy and Yvette don't list their emails, they have a 'type-pad' page, which tells you nothing....bummer.
I just finished watching the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" . Very good, and it made me realize, I haven't been paying much attention, until Bush pushed us into war in Iraq. And I'll never buy a GM car, unless it's a plug-in hybrid!! And even then, I think I'll go to Honda or Toyota, or, e-gads! Ford!!


Oh yeah, regarding Floyd's camp! I read Neil's blog account. Sounds like a great time, but I couldn't have made it up those hills, with at the powerTap data possible! Although I think a camp would be great fun, especially with Floyd, or maybe Kristin Armstrong, the cyclist!! Or maybe a cyclist, that is just a whole lot more skilled than I am!!

Sara Best

Ya, I think that you'd have to be pretty confident in your cycling skills to sign up for Floyd's PowerTap camp.

I know he's the world champ but I wonder if he worries that some regular Joe might outride him at one of these camps. That would be a real hit to the ego eh?


This is a good site Sara. Like the pic of you. The green is a good color, not so sure about the white behind the type, but what could you use with this green except maybe a paler shade?

I do like the way I can post on blogspot. You have the text in an open more readable format which helps avoid typos ( I have a lot of them!). However, I like to have the email adress/ included.

I put a few more comments on the old site before I got here. Can you transport all your other posts from the old site to the new? I would think as people find you they'd love to read your previous writings.

Good luck dear!

Bitch Kittie

I wanted to do that camp so bad! Maybe next year.
Peace Out

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