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July 29, 2009



Hey everyone, it's been a little crazy and then sadly my dad had a heart attack yesterday and is hospitalized but doing much better today--he's 89 and a tough ol' dude so here's hoping he can make it thru this. I'm going to help my mom for a few days, Vuelta starts on Saturday (3 protected riders, not only Vino) and then leave for ToM on Sept 4th. The team will be signing at a Trek store on Sat Sept 5th--info on the team site!! So life is a little nuts right now, but so looking forward to MO--haven't seen a live race since ToC!!!!!


Cathy, positive energy and prayers to your dad! sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks coming up.

Enjoy the ToM, everyone!


Hi there! I've just heard that I have the whole week (Mon-Fri) off work, have to be back on Saturday, so I think I will be there for 3 days at least! I still have to figure it out, how long it will take to drive, find places to stay, which days, etc. etc. Looking forward to some good racing!

It doesn't seem that it will be online this year, there is no mention of live video anywhere on the the website.


Hey...I just saw the news that Astana is giving Chris Horner the GO-AHEAD for the WIN of the Vuelta! So Vino will be riding for cool is THAT! Horner not riding for anybody...if he can just keep the rubber side down!! GO CHIRS!! Finally a chance to show his stuff!!

And Levi will be at ToM..very cool for our own IA contingent who will be there in person reporting! Ahhh...lots of fun left this year! C'mon back everybody!

And Cat...I LOVE it that Fatty went to mostly white finally for the 2010 jersey...thought I was gonna die last 2 times I wore my 09 Team looks good, but is just too hot. AND I really like the white for visiblity to CARS! AND, it just so happens that my new bike (frame) is white...I'll be somewhat color coordinated for the first time EVER! Provided Cannondale can get me the frame anyway...supposedly it's on order as of today. Woo-hoo!


So glad to find you all here! I had been checking daily and not seeing any new comments. But.....I went camping for a few days and came back to some chatter - yeah!

I just read that about Horner, too, Matt. AWESOME! I hope that he can avoid the crashes and really show what he can do. He deserves to get a shot at GC finally! That makes me MUCH more interested in following the Vuelta now. Just got a very very cute mini-laptop, too, so I can hopefully keep up to date better. Now I've gotta figure out how to get the wireless working.

Cathy, I'm sending good thoughts and prayers to your pop. I hope his recovery goes well and I'm thinking of you and your family.

Bummed that we're not going to be able to connect Amy! My parents are saints for volunteering to take both kids (one of which still gets up twice a night) and I didn't want to leave the babe for longer -- even though I'm dying to see the whole race since they made it longer this year. Hmmmm...maybe you could make it to ONE more stage ? ;)

You're going to make it, Rae? GREAT! Keep us updated and let us know if you need any other info.

If anyone is planning on going to the Astana signing event - go EARLY. We stood in line *forever* a couple of years ago and still almost didn't get in. I could NOT believe how packed that event was.


Cathy, I hadn't seen your post when I posted above--I hope that your Dad is doing well; any thing takes a toll when our parents are so elderly. Best wishes.

Janann, I am thinking of driving so that I can bring my bike and maybe get a little riding on the Katy Trail, or some other trail or route that is close to the stages starts/finishes. Do you know of any around those first 4 stages?


HOORAY for George and DZ~!!! Dave just doesn't want to give up that Captain America outfit ;) SO pleased that George will be in the Stars and Stripes again!

The Katy Trail looks really beautiful, Rae. We've never ridden it ourselves, but the race ran along side of it for a bit last year and it looked like a great place to ride (especially for those who are too chicken to ride much on the road - like me). I'm not familiar with any other trails down that way, but T might know of some. Do you know where you're staying yet?


HOORAY! A Kiwi won the stage last night in the Vuelta!

Kia Kaha Greg!


This is funny ->


OK you all have moved forward but I have to acknowledge Susan and Fatty....

I completely avoided Fatty's site - purposely. I too Cat felt a sense of holding my breath when he would talk about her eating or being lucid. It was just too much. Every day I sent a prayer, a supportive thought.

But it's true! He sounds "ok" and I'm glad for that, for his family.

I'm soo soo happy for those that are going to ToM!! And all the best to you & your Dad CathyM - I really hope he is doing better.


Hi everyone. Just a few things--we moved my Dad into Hospice on Saturday and he passed away yesterday. He had a great life and was a good man. I'll miss my Dad. He was a WWII vet and we'll have a special service for him in October.

Horner crashed out of Vuelta today, broken wrist. Everyone else on Astana is fine. Poor Chris, what a horrible season for him.

Lastly, can't wait for ToM and the healing powers of cycling. My Dad is from Missouri so I'll think of him everyday as I cover the race. And it will be great to meet some of the IA in person!



Oh Cathy, that makes me sad. I still have my Dad and I know I am one of the lucky ones. My thoughts are with you.


Oh I'm so sorry to hear that, Cathy. I'm thinking of you too.

Nakigirl, that was a hilarious link LOL.

SO bummed that Horner crashed out.....what a terrible end to a disappointing season for him.


Cathy, I hope that you find comfort in remembering his life. Death is hard.

Oh, I cringed when I saw the crash--I knew it was his wrist, but was reassured when I saw him cross the finish. Poor Chris!

Janann, I have been dithering and haven't made any final plans--except that I think I will come for Monday-Wed, maybe even Thurs. I've got to start checking Hotwire & Priceline; I fear that the hotels I would prefer are already sold out for Tues & Wed.

I saw that in Rolla you can sign up for a motor coach to take you to 4 different viewing spots--might be better than my usual way of following other cars & getting lost! Didn't say if it included wine--isn't Rolla known for wineries nearby?

I sure hope that I can connect with at least some of you!


Cathy, thinking of you. I was touched by your simple comment, "I'll miss my dad." That is a gift. The saddest thing is to have someone die without leaving a void.

Yikes, what a mighty crash yesterday! Races in the rain always make me nervous. Bummer for Horner. I think there are a lot of guys who crossed the line who will be feeling sore today.


Ah Cathy, I am so sorry. Losing a parent is just damned hard, no matter how good a life they lived or how good a death they have. We stay here, and they move on. Although part of them stays with us, they are still gone and it sucks.


Hey Cathy - treasure the time you have left and make every moment special.

It is true what Cat says about part of them staying with you, but even after 14 years there are times I need advice that only my Dad could give.

I hope all of you going to TOM have a fab time.

I'm relieved to Sara has posted on her other blog - I was beginning to worry about her...


For anyone interested, it turns out that Universal Sports is going to carry the ToM online. This is cool, cause if you can't see the stage live they usually have replays and highlights that you can view anytime.

Where has SusieB gone again? Does anyone know?


Helloooooo...the ToM is over...where are the reports?? Haven't heard a thing other than what I get on VeloNews...Ladies??? REPORT PLEASE!!

Jaanan..were you able to get any autographs on the pics?? What stages did you see? Do tell!!!


YES Matt! Got autographs from Floyd, George, DZ, Jens, and Cav along with various other riders! Dario Cataldo from QuickStep actually helped us to get one for you too! Thanks for sending the pics -- it was much nicer to have those rather than something less personal. When Dave saw that pic with the crazy 'stache he looked up and just said "well, that is painful" :) Indeed! Oh, I had Floyd sign the pic of Cat and I giving him a podium kiss from the FFF and he looked startled to see that reappear ;)

We had a GREAT time at the TOM and lucked out with some really nice weather (well...its always humid here in the midwest, so I don't think it suited those from drier climates). I missed Amy :( who was there for the 2 stages that I couldn't make it to, but was able to spend time with Theresa, Rae, Cathy, and Nikki. It is so fun to be able to put faces with the IA names and be able to share the enthusiasm of being at a race!

What an amazing field of riders! The sprint battle between Cav, JJ Haedo, Thor, and Chicchi was really fun to watch. JJ and Thor were on the podium almost every day of the Tour. The venue for the TT was really accessible with the start and finish at the fairgrounds. DZ was absolutely FLYING in his Captain America gear. Gustav Larson was almost taken out by a motorcycle that mistakenly got onto the course and was also impeded by confusion with a photo moto and a car that were in his way on course. He still managed to take 2nd place! It was great to see George on the road in the stars and stripes again -- cool kit.

The riders were extremely generous with their time and chatted, signed autographs, and posed for pictures at every stage. Jens is just as delightful in person and he always appears in interviews and spent a LOT of time every day with fans. My husband and I both agreed that we could just stand there and listen to him interact with everyone because he is so interesting and fun. Thor also spent huge amounts of time with fans. They both really seemed to enjoy their time in MO.

Besides the autographs, I was able to get photos with Jens, JJ, Gustav, Jason McCartney (we also spent a morning chatting with his parents because they are from Iowa City - where my husband is from), N Sorenson, and Paul Sherwen. Maybe I'll try to email some pics when I finally get them off of my camera.

SUPER FUN week!!!!! Hooray for DZ and his first stage race victory!!!

I agree Janann!! Hooray for DZ and his win!! When he came in at the finish of the ITT, I was screaming so loud; I thought it was someone else! Then I KNEW he could go all the way!!! This is me, Amy and her Hubby!


Ya'll will have to post your pics on your facebook pages...(now that I am somewhat in on that club)...rather than emailing pics...much easier for you that way...I admit I don't go looking in very often so far..(not really sure what to do with it now that I AM a member of FB). Good stuff..glad you had a good time! Ya'll need to arrange to come out for the ToC one you know, it's much more fun in groups! (and ya'll are crazy fun, and prob get many more up close and personal pics n stuff than I ever will). Great report JD! And it's pretty cool that DZ won the overall...ok, REALLY cool!


Janann and T, thanks for the race report - sounds like fun! I was watching the 1/2 hour recaps on VS every morning. They really made me nuts by spending half the short broadcast recapping the previous days. I was THRILLED for DZ! He said in the interview that he actually started tearing up on the way in on the last day (then reminded himself that he had to keep riding and cross the line before he lost it).

I'm watching the Vuelta but just can't get into it. It sure is showing, though, how much we missed those mountaintop finished in this year's Tour.

Matt, I have no idea what to do with Facebook, either. ;-)


The ToM was great fun and I so enjoyed spending time with Janann and T!
I drove over from Columbus on Monday morning and got to St. Louis just in time for the stage start, where I discovered that I had brought the wrong camera--the one without a charged battery or card!... so no pics at all for me. I walked down the course past the ballfield to the spot where the race goes down one side of the divided street, then up the other, so close to the racers in the median that I could hear their chat. At the next to last circuit I went back up to the podium and got a spot right at the finish line, next to the podium steps and had a royal view of the podium and backstage.

The next 3 stages were ones of enjoying the start, racing to get to the feed zone ahead of the race (successful twice) and then trying for another viewing spot before heading to the finish (successful once!). Lovely sunny weather!

Versus made T & I move "out of their shot" at the stage 4 feed--& I don't think that part of the stage ever made the air, either!

Thor wasn't too smiley the first 2 stages, but sure made up for it when he won stage 3!

Thanks to T.'s encouragement, I got autographs from Jens, JJ Haido (and a few other Saxo riders), Popo, Morabito, (but Levi said NO (!) before stage 4 and then, after the stage, went down and got signatures from several of the Cervelo riders, including H. Haussler, Moises Aldape, and many of the JellyBelly riders too. Greatly appreciated their kindness as I could see how tired they were.

My other highlight was, thanks to priceline, I ended up in the same hotel with many of the teams on Tuesday evening and had a glass of wine in the bar with the Liquigas and Cervelo teams, as well as one or two columbians. Well, see, I was in the bar, and the CTT was sitting at the table next to me, and Liqui was another table over... they were all rather subdued, and I didn't want to bother them; too bad T. hadn't gotten hold of me yet!

Eki held the door for me the next morning, quite the gentleman!

I have to say that I was happy for all of the stage winners since those rollers had to be tough to ride all day and they al deserved their wins--but having DZ win the overall really is special!


Well, the Vuelta is over and I am really starting to feel sorry for Cadel Evans--how many riders come so close consistently but can never close the deal, for one reason or another that doesn't have exactly to do with their own performance on the bike?

Now I am looking forward to watching the world championships, despite having none of the USA's very best riders -- those that could be reasonably considered to have an excellent chance of a win -- participating. I know it is a long season, and some have had way more than their share of injury, but couldn't at least ONE find a reason to go? We are sending a team of great guys, and I will be hoping and cheering for a break-out performance, but still...

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